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SaaS Service Delivery

SaaS Service Delivery

Corent is a leading provider of SaaS Enablement Software. Corent offers a leading edge cloud application technology to rapidly transform business applications into SaaS, with all the SaaS service delivery capabilities required. Corent’s patented product cater to the needs of enterprises of all types, and for vertical providers delivering scalable SaaS applications within a short time.


surpaas icon, software development, software application development, saas application development, software development application SurPaaS®

The Complete SaaS enablement and Operations Management Platform

SurPaaS® is a complete SaaS Transformation, Operations and Management platform purpose-built for SaaS providers. It enables the software vendors to move into the SaaS business model with all the requisite capabilities for running their SaaS business - in days!

Corent has helped clients in different industries and vertical segments to avoid the time consuming and costly process of redesigning their applications for SaaS, and provides a turnkey environment for deployment, operation, and management.



cockpit icon SaaS-Cockpit™

The as a Service component of your SaaS

Effective SaaS operations require careful monitoring and control of day-to-day activities of the services. SaaS-Cockpit™ is an integral part of SurPaaS® platform that delivers integrated service components to manage provisioning, business and operation services for your SaaS. It manages integration with external billing engines as well as the PaaS layer of different Clouds. It also monitors and helps in decision making to improve SaaS operations, through role based KPI dashboards. It also interfaces with BI engines to analyze the tenant usage data to better utilize resources for your SaaS.



mts icon Multi-Tenant Server™

Rapid Transformation of Software Apps to Elastic, Scalable, Multi-Tenant SaaS

Corent's Multi-Tenant Server™ is a plug-in software technology that rapidly and automatically transforms web applications to elastic SaaS without re-writing the application. This technology powers the SurPaaS® platform and offers a variety of options for Software vendors to choose from Virtual-Tenancy or Multi-Tenancy to deploy their SaaS. It supports the full spectrum of multi-tenancy options, from shared application with separate databases for each tenant, to fully shared multi-tenancy with all tenants’ data in a single database.