Product Documents

SurPaaS® Datasheet

SurPaaS® is a complete SaaS Transformation, Operations and Management platform purpose-built for SaaS providers. It enables the software vendors to move into the SaaS business model with all the requisite capabilities for running their SaaS business - in days!



Private SaaS SurPaaS® Brochure

Software as a Service (SaaS) is normally associated with public access services like or Netsuite, where anyone can sign up. Yet the same advantages and benefits of SaaS can be achieved in Private SaaS.



MTS™ Datasheet

Multi-Tenant Server™ (MTS™) enables easy transformation of single-tenant, web applications into fully multi-tenant Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.

The cumbersome and challenging process of weaving multi-tenancy into an existing application is eliminated. The resulting multi-tenant SaaS solution can run on a wide range of operating systems, databases, and application servers and is easily portable across public, private, or hybrid clouds.



SaaS-Cockpit™ Factsheet (Dashboard)

The Dashboard in SaaS-Cockpit™ is an easy-to-use web-based interface, providing graphical indicators that represent the current trends of the application. It captures key business performance indicators from the enterprise data and presents them in a single view for the user. Virtually any kind of data can be consolidated and presented through a dashboard view, allowing blended events, metrics, custom images, geographic views, and business service management information. This visually intuitive view helps to monitor the health of the business processes.



SaaS-Cockpit™ Factsheet (Provisioning)

SaaS-Cockpit™ supports self-provisioning for user registration and administrator provisioning for registering the customer into predefined subscription categories. Tenants can directly self-provision and register their details, which are sent to the Zone Administrator for approval. It also facilitates controlled access and centralized tenant management.



Joint Partner Collateral

Corent & Microsoft Azure ISV DataSheet:

Corent and Microsoft Azure ISV DataSheet

Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy, scale, and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft data centers. You can build applications using multiple languages, tools, and frameworks.



Corent & Microsoft Azure ISV Mini Case Study:

Corent and Microsoft Azure ISV DataSheet

Corent works seamlessly with Microsoft Azure’s proven cloud platform of compute, storage, and network services to rapidly transform software to a SaaS solution. SurPaaS uses Microsoft Azure’s API to provide timely, dynamic tenant provisioning and application scalability, with complete SaaS tenancy, operations, and commercial management.




What is the Most Important Thing Needed to Become a Successful SaaS or Cloud Company?

treb-ryan, What is the Most Important Thing Needed to Become a Successful SaaS or Cloud Company?Treb Ryan is the Chief Strategy Officer of Dimension Data and has been instrumental in defining and creating service organizations that improve the quality and reliability of technology infrastructures that business depend on for communications and commerce. Treb is considered one of the thought leaders in SaaS and sits on the Software Executive Board of SIIA.




Do SaaS Companies Really Need Multi-Tenancy To Be Successful?

Do SaaS Companies Really Need Multi-Tenancy To Be Successful?Jeff Kaplan is the founder and CEO of THINKstrategies, Inc., the only independent consultancy focused entirely on the business implications of the transformation from a product-centric to a service-driven model. Jeff is a frequent industry speaker on SaaS and Cloud Computing. His views are based on working with leading corporations and IT/network solution providers for over 25 years as a marketing executive, strategy consultant and industry analyst.




Why the CEO Must Make the Decision About Multi-Tenancy?

Why The CEO Must Make the Decision About Multi-Tenancy?Bob Jurkowski is a seasoned entrepreneur and business leader who served as the CEO of Selectrica, Inc. and Intacct Corporation, two successful SaaS companies. Bob founded OnDemand Advisors in 2008 and as the Managing Director he has focused on helping on-premise companies move to SaaS.




Why SaaS is More Than a Technology?

Why SaaS is More Than a Technology?Henry Olson is an entrepreneur with expertise in product development, operations and executive management. He has over 20 years of experience in designing, building and running data intensive applications which spans companies including Applicast, Wells Fargo and Edge Dynamics. Under his guidance as CEO, Henry led Edge Dynamics through the difficult transformation of developing on-premise applications to delivering software as a service (SaaS).




How Has Multi-Tenancy Benefited iPipeline?

How Has Multi-Tenancy Benefited iPipeline?Tim Wallace is the CEO of iPipeline and has over 30 years of experience in software, service, and consulting. Tim previously served as interim President and COO of MEDecision Inc., a public software company. Prior to MEDecision, he was the CEO and Chairman of FullTilt Solutions, Inc.




How Has Multi-Tenancy Benefited Mall Networks?

How Has Multi-Tenancy Benefited Mall Networks?Marc Caltabiano is the Vice President of Marketing and Products at Mall Networks, responsible for product strategy, engineering, and management as well as marketing communications and public relations. Marc has over 20 years of marketing and product experience in CRM, self-service, e-commerce, and enterprise search.