"Private SaaS: The Next Big Wave of Innovation in the Enterprise"

The same imperatives that are driving the software market to the SaaS business model are equally applicable within the enterprise. The need for more efficient methods of deploying, delivering, managing and updating software, as well as the additional value derived from the information on who is using that software and how and when that comes with SaaS approach, can significantly raise the value provided by the IT organization.

Jeff Kaplan, Managing Director, THINKstrategies, Inc.


"Scaling Your SaaS Business"

Leading SaaS companies continue to drive a disproportionate 30 to 45 percent annual top-line growth as compared to on-premise software companies.

How do they do it? And why does the venture community continue to fund and investors continue to reward these SaaS companies with 5-10x top-line valuations?


"Become Your Own SaaS Provider"

"Private SaaS" for the Enterprise: How CIOs can efficiently offer internal and private application services to their employees and partners – and turn around the office of the CIO from a cost-center to a profit-center –efficiently and cost-effectively using SurPaaS®.

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"Cloud Marketplaces: SaaS or Pseudo-SaaS?"

There is a lot of confusion and hype about the cloud - one of them is the concept of a marketplace of cloud applications. Applications sold this way are often described as SaaS even though the key criteria of SaaS aren't being provided to either the application vendor, or the application customer. While it's true that the cloud is a SaaS product, often the business applications provided on the cloud marketplaces are not.

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