Azure Migrate is integrated with Corent's SurPaaS®, which allows auto-provisioning of SurPaaS® account from Azure Console. SurPaaS® expands the migration capabilities beyond Lift and Shift from on premises, by offering migration from other Clouds, optimized migration, PaaS integration, and containerization. The robust cost modelling and analysis capabilities allow Optimization and Modernization decisions to be made before migration.
Corent's tighter integration with Azure Migrate:
  • Direct SurPaaS® account provisioning from Azure Migrate

  • Initiate the Scan, assessment, migration & monitor the data sync between SurPaaS® and Azure Migrate

  • Corent's existing Partners can also subscribe/upgrade their customers subscriptions to Azure migrate subscriptions to monitor the data sync between SurPaaS® and Azure Migrate

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Expedite your Azure Migration using SurPaaS®

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Project Your Cloud Cost

Project not only the cost of your Cloud resources, but also additional services using SurPaaS®’ most versatile cost modelling engine. Create your own custom cost patterns for a personalized analysis. Understand how your Cloud resources are utilized by comparing your current Cloud cost against cost projections for each of the optimization recommendations provided by SurPaaS®. Thus enabling you to efficiently manage your Cloud resources and cost.

Hybrid (Public-Private) Cloud

SurPaaS® MaaS works through a learning system based on the knowledgebase with the details of Clouds being assessed. We support all the leading Clouds such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, OCI, GCP, etc. You can very easily add your favorite Cloud details in the knowledgebase and perform the assessment against the Public or Private Cloud to determine the compatibility. Deploy some application workloads on Private Cloud, such as Azure Stack, and others on one or more Public/Private Clouds. Adopt Hybrid Cloud environment for your infrastructure to ensure the security standards implemented in your applications/environment.

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Know Your Workloads and its Dependencies

Discover all the workloads in your infrastructure and generate the DNA and detailed workload map of your applications. SurPaaS® utilizes multiple scanning techniques both static and dynamic to acquire significant insights into dependencies of servers and workloads of your applications. Also visualize how these workloads are interconnected and distributed across your network. Do you have these information already available with you? No worries, simply upload it and immediately visualize it.

Dynamic What-if Scenarios

Analyze your application against multiple objective-based scenarios by factoring in customized Cloud migration needs such as scalability, DR, redundancy, performance, security, etc. Identify what fits best for your Cloud journey and optimize your applications for Cloud using SurPaaS® MaaS. Visualize different topology suggestions for your application that best suits the business needs. Assess for one cloud or multiple Clouds in different scenarios include PaaS or containerization options. Find the one the suits you the best.

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Cloud Best Practices Advisories Image

Cloud Best Practices Advisories

SurPaaS® offers expert advice on various Cloud best practices ranging from ideal application architectures with multiple topology suggestions to suitable Cloud resources for your application including PaaS and Containers. SurPaaS®’ Smart Analysis recommends best practices in managing your Cloud resources such as resource groups, security groups, availability sets, subnets. Optimize the cost and efficiency of your Cloud journey along with improved security and compliance.

Cloud Migration - Strategize & Execute

Migrate your servers to Cloud either by utilizing our easy-to-use Cloud migration platform "SurPaaS®" on your own or through Corent's Migration Factory where our migration experts will do it for you. Adapt your application to an optimal Cloud transformation with limited or no manual interference by leveraging the diverse set of migration modes we offer - Shadow Mode, Smart Mode, PaaS Mode, Container Mode. We empower you to migrate any application to your preferred Cloud seamlessly, ensuring security at-rest and in-transit without any data loss.

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Using R-Lane Strategy to Migrate Your Applications

Migration planning with optimization and modernization can be classified and charted across multiple R-Lanes as a strategy. You can assess applications using SurPaaS® and can view the application clusters. Convert them into move groups and our tool automatically charts them into R-Lane based on complexity and criticality of the applications, which you can fine-tune to create your strategy. It also identifies and suggests on which R-Lane your VMs fall under if you analyze in the infrastructure mode. Organize and order the migration activities for your environment using SurPaaS® findings. Migrate your servers to Cloud using the suitable R-Lane proposed by SurPaaS®.

Move to Private Cloud

Using SurPaaS®, securely migrate from any environment to private Cloud such as Microsoft Azure Stack. Once Microsoft Azure Stack environment is installed and set up successfully, model SurPaaS Cloud Knowledgebase first with the details of your own Microsoft Azure Stack configurations. Start migrating your resources to Microsoft Azure Stack almost immediately after the Knowledgebase is updated with the configurations.

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Re-architect Your Application to Match Reference Architecture

Evaluate your application architecture against the reference architecture defined as per industry standards. Adapt your application to any of those suitable reference architectures using SurPaaS® in a hassle-free manner

Adopt Latest Cloud Modernizations

Modernize your applications by integrating the latest Cloud features such as PaaS, Containers, Block Chain and many more. Also modify the architecture of your application to integrate and effectively implement the modernization plan.

Align Your Application with Best Practices

Assess your environment against Cloud and application best practices. SurPaaS® advises and guides you on how to make your application comply with security and compliance or rethink your application from a distribution or consolidation perspective. Optimize cost and efficiency of your applications better as well as ensure security and compliance of your Cloud journey.

Check and Transform Your Application for Compliance

Analyze your infrastructure or application against security and compliance. Orchestrate and transform your application follow the required compliance ensuring a risk-free environment for your customers.

Improve Your Application's Density

Individual application deployments for each customers holding your ability to provide cost-effective solutions? Share the Cloud infrastructure among your customer deployments for effective utilization. Package your multiple deployments into fewer VMs, PaaS or any other Cloud services and reduce your operational cost.

Discover the SaaS in Your Deployments

You may already be managing multiple application deployments on Cloud for the same application and you are already a SaaS provider. SurPaaS® enables you to assign customers for deployments, generate reports on cost of operations, monitor usage patterns for each customer, optimize based on their needs and thus you are in complete control of your application as SaaS. Expand these capabilities to bill customers based on the cost of operations and services.

To PaaS in Minutes

Utilize the Platform Services offered by Cloud for multiple workloads to transform your application into a scalable one and extremely reliable at the same time. SurPaaS® detects your application workloads and suggests corresponding PaaS Service on Cloud. Map and replace required application workloads with relevant PaaS services while migrating your application to Cloud through a single integrated process using PaaS Shift mode.

Auto Containerization

SurPaaS® detects and advises which application workloads can be encapsulated into containers. Containerize your application workloads and move them to Cloud in single step using Container Shift&trade mode, which isolates your application without changing the application’s runtime environment. Also synchronize your data in a secure manner after transformation, while ensuring no data loss.

Here's your path for a successful Azure Migration journey
  • Login to Azure console & navigate to Azure Migrate services

  • Click on Access & Migrate servers under section "Discover, Assess & Migrate servers"

  • Click on Add tool(s) button

  • Choose/Create appropriate Subscription & Resource group

  • Enter Migrate project name & select region and click on "Next"

  • Under assessment tool section, Select "Corent Tech: SurPaaS® MaaS" tool and click on "Next"

  • Under migration tool section, Select "Corent Tech: SurPaaS® MaaS" tool and click on "Next"

  • Click on Add tool(s)

  • Click on "Register with Azure Migrate" for creating account in SurPaaS® MaaS

  • Login to SurPaaS® MaaS & select the product subscription and subscribe.

  • Add cloud account & Azure subscription details to monitor the scan/migration updates in Azure Migrate portal

  • Set up Vanguard to perform Scan/Assessment/Migration

Have a quick tour of how to Scan, Assess, and Migrate your infrastructure to Azure using SurPaaS® MaaS

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