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Deliver your Open-Source Applications as SaaS

Corent's SurPaaS® is a platform that helps you to deliver your open-source applications as SaaS. Publish your applications on Cloud Marketplaces and tap into the vast majority of Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) customers available on Cloud.

Strengthen your Open-Source Applications with SaaS Capabilities

Reach Globally Through Cloud Marketplaces

Small and Medium Enterprises across the globe can select your open-source application on their desired Cloud and access it as a SaaS service within few minutes.

Manage all Your Customers

SurPaaS® platform allows you to onboard any number of customers from Cloud Marketplaces by instant self-provisioning mechanism. All your Cloud customers can be managed as tenants from a single console in SurPaaS® platform.

Monetize Your Application as SaaS

SurPaaS® platform allows you to monetize your application utilizing usage-based billing. Realize new business opportunities through joint promotions and marketing. Expand your business by offering your application in different global markets.

Enable Resellers Around the Globe

Integrate multiple resellers for your open-source application on Cloud Marketplaces. These resellers will sell your application on their associated market segments and across different geographies. This helps you to offer your application to a wider range of customers around the globe.

SaaS Delivery of Open-Source Applications
Watch Video - How to SaaS Enable Application
How customers can access your application from Cloud Marketplace
Here is an example using the open source application 'SplendidCRM' delivered as SaaS through Azure Marketplace. This video explains the onboarding of customers from Cloud Marketplace.

How to get started

  • Let us know your interest by emailing to [email protected]

  • Corent will walk you through the process of SaaS-enabling your open-source application and deploying the SaaSified application on Cloud.

  • Sign up as Enterprise Support Partner and Corent will publish the application on popular Cloud Marketplaces.

  • Expand your reach by provisioning resellers. Tell us about your reseller strategy.

Deliver your open-source application as SaaS

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