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Not Just Cloud Ready,
Get PaaS Ready!

With PaaS Shift, move applications to the Cloud with ready-to-run PaaS services integrated in your cloud migration plan.

SurPaaS® PaaS Shift, the only cloud migration platform with PaaS integration capability, now lets service providers migrate their customer's applications to the Cloud with the required PaaS resources.

PaaS Shift analyzes an application and recommends PaaS services based on specific operational needs, and automatically migrates an application to the Cloud with a re-architected deployment topology with PaaS services.

how does it work
App Migration with PaaS Services

Application analysis for migration

  • Multi-node scanning (via agent/agentless) addressing your security needs.
  • Added security with vanguard-based scanning to scan you protected internal environment.
PaaS advisory for cloud optimization

PaaS advisory for cloud optimization

  • PaaS migration recommendations to increase reliability and reduce operations cost.
  • Perform complete cost modeling before migration.
Provision and migrate directly to PaaS services

Automatic provision and direct migration to PaaS services

  • Re-architect deployment with PaaS service integration.
  • Tag workloads as PaaS services and automatically migrate them to Cloud.

Get a real-time view of SurPaaS® PaaS Shift

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Watch a demo on how to migrate application workloads directly to PaaS services on the cloud using PaaS Shift

Get your customer
Application PaaS ready

Deliver PaaS Shift meet on demand customer operations and business requirements such as:

PaaS Shift™
  • Region-wise distribution.
  • Zero downtime.
  • Reduction in development time and resources required.
  • Auto backup and recovery.
  • Auto-scaling.
  • Efficient management of application lifecycle.

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