What is SaaSOS?

Corent SurPaaS® incorporates many capabilities that enable customers to proceed confidently through their Cloud Journey as they proceed with their digital transformation.

The Software as a Service (SaaS) capabilities are provided under the umbrella of SaaSOps and include:

  • SaaSOps Marketizer

  • SaaSOps SaaSify

  • SaaSOps

  • SaaSOps SaaS Operations

  • SaaSOps xSaaS

The code these capabilities are operating to provide their various core functions is referred to as SaaSOS because it essentially provides an operating system designed for SaaS, with functions and capabilities that enable these SaaSOps capabilities. By utilizing this commonly used and specifically designed code among the many SurPaaS functions that include SaaSOps and ComPaaS, Corent leverages the core functionality of SaaSOS to make SaaS functionality accessible to everyone.