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Marketizer seamlessly integrates with major cloud marketplaces and publishes your software as a sellable SaaS offering across one or more marketplaces without requiring you to spend time and effort manually coding and maintaining your Cloud Marketplace interfaces.

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Marketizer enables you to publish your software application on major cloud marketplaces in as little as 72 hours without requiring you to spend any additional time or money coding.

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Marketizer provided us with a cost-effective and fast way to publish our solution to the Microsoft Marketplace. This was achieved through the knowledge and technical expertise of the Corent team from start to finish.

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Conor Doyle
DQ Global

Business Development

Marketizer has helped us get SharpCloud in the Azure Marketplace really quickly. This would have taken months to achieve on our own...

SharpCloud | Profile Picture
Russell Johnson

CTO and Co-Founder

Corent provides the ability to efficiently deliver Mifos X as SaaS, enabling our partners around the world to offer our platform in a much more cost-effective manner.

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Ed Cable
Mifos Initiative

President & CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Marketizer?

Marketizer is the secure and effective solution to publish your application on Cloud Marketplaces within a few hours and with no code change in the application.

Which cloud marketplaces are supported by Marketizer?

Marketizer currently supports Microsoft Azure Marketplace and AWS Marketplace. Google Cloud Marketplace (GCP) support is on the near-term roadmap.

What preparations should I do before our initial meeting?

In order to publish on any cloud marketplace you need to be signed up as a Partner for that cloud vendor and your application must of course be able to run on the cloud. If you don’t yet have Partner status or your application verified to be able to run on the cloud, we can help guide you through that process.

How long does it take to publish my application on a Cloud Marketplace?

Technically, making your application publishable on Cloud Marketplaces takes only a few hours using Marketizer. Publishing your application involves integrating several cloud marketplace workflows and APIs, taking decisions on business, marketing and pricing, and reviewing by the AWS and/or Azure Marketplace teams. Considering these factors, Marketizer can publish your application in as little as 72 hours.

My application is not a SaaS application. Can it be Marketized?

Yes, with Marketizer, your application is converted into SaaS and published on Cloud Marketplaces. We recommend the best SaaS model that suits your application among all models supported by Marketizer and that can guarantee immediate go-to-market readiness.

My application is already a SaaS application. Can it be Marketized?

Yes, Marketizer can publish your SaaS application as is on Cloud Marketplaces.

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