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Strategic SaaS Model
Strategic Business Transformation

Multi-layer app analysis to plan Cloudification and SaaSification Strategy

Applications SaaSification
SaaSify Applications

Rapidly SaaSify multiple applications without re-engineering

Centralized SaaS Management
Centralized Apps Administration

Automating delivery and management of apps or SaaS on the Cloud

Commercial SaaS Management
Commercial Management

Meter your app usage and apply dynamic pricing strategies

SurPaaS Editions

SurPaaS® Velocity is the pioneering service model offering the most suitable turnkey SaaS environment on a Cloud. SurPaaS® Continuum comes with advanced capabilities and evolved interfaces, which can integrate external services, products, and tools from multiple Clouds. They offer and operate varieties of as-a-Service models for all types of SaaS business channels.
SurPaaS® Velocity

Geared towards automation and rapid business transformation, empowers MSPs to deliver Software as a Service from a central platform for multiple ISVs

  • Rapid self-service onboarding
  • Quick proof through rapid POC
  • Targeted to single Cloud/MSP
  • SaaS pricing model
  • Target –ISVs through
  • Cloud providers
  • Managed Service Providers
SurPaaS® Continuum

Offers a range of options and variations to enable enterprises and ISV to achieve a higher level of integration and additional services to run an effective service delivery business

  • Additional API Integration
  • Channel/Franchise management
  • Multi-Cloud, Multi-location & Elastic
  • Product pricing model
  • Target
  • ISVs
  • Enterprises
  • Systems Integrators

Strategic SaaS Business Transformation

Analyze any number of applications in their operational environment, and generate multiple SaaS models and Cloud Plans. Perform in-depth analysis up to micro-workloads. Know the cost, operational, and business advantages compared among many cloud providers. Achieve all these within a few minutes.

  • Get all possible Cloud migration scenarios with what-if analysis
  • Strategize multiple product packages
  • Know the best Clouds, best topologies and blueprints
  • Resource costs intelligence with Knowledge Base
  • Balance the workloads and optimize the operations
  • Identify efforts required to reach and operate on Cloud
SurPaaS Tenancy Management
SurPaaS SaaS Operations

Application SaaSification

SurPaaS® can SaaSify thousands of applications for hundreds of ISVs without any re-engineering; and, deploy them as production ready within a few days. Empowered with elastic scalability, SaaSified applications provide sustainable performance even during overnight-tripling loads. SaaSification choices include cost efficiency, high availability, prime performance, elastic scalability, and so on.

Centralized Application Management

Rapidly build the world's best SaaS environment, perform end-to-end centralized administration, and manage all aspects of the operations. With no effort identify, install, migrate, scale, and upgrade all services, applications, and servers across the infrastructure. Manage multiple upgrades across different customer sites easily, correctly, and quickly.

  • Choice to bypass the laborious Cloud learning curve
  • Customize for your SaaS business
  • Manage multiple Clouds and billing accounts
  • Monitor the current and historic Key Performance Indicators
  • Simplify the processes, minimize the efforts, and quicken the updates
  • Have complete control of the application evolution
SurPaaS SaaS dashboard
SurPaaS SaaS Integration

SaaS Commercial Management

Profitably monetize the actual usages of resources and services. Identify the consumed resources, measure their usage, calculate their consumption costs, and charge the users. Aligned with your business objectives create multiple pricing models based on consumed Volume, Overage, Per unit, and so on. Offer and use preferred billing methods.

  • Adapt for franchise and business channels
  • Precise prediction of operational costs
  • Create multiple pricing models
  • Monitor the usage behaviors

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