SurPaaS® Marketizer makes your application "Publish Ready" on AWS and Azure Marketplaces within few hours. Venture into a transactable business on Cloud Marketplaces without any code changes.

Benefits of SurPaaS® Marketizer

  • Accelerate your Marketplace Integration.

  • Enable the ease of Self-Provisioning.

  • Meter and Aggregate for Usage-Based Billing.

  • Manage all your Customers from a Centralized Dashboard.

  • Global Access and reach out to New Customers.

  • No code changes and automatic connection to marketplace APIs.

Rapidly Publish and Monetize Your Applications on Cloud Marketplaces using Marketizer

Application owners can grow their business by delivering their solutions through popular Cloud Marketplaces to global customers. Publishing an application on Cloud Marketplace can be accelerated through expert knowledge so that you can start monetizing the application immediately.

SurPaaS® Marketizer integrates your application with marketplaces seamlessly since it directly connects with the Cloud Marketplace and you don't have to worry about Cloud APIs. It also equips you to use the power of SurPaaS® metering engine for billing your customers through usage-based metering of your application. Create multiple subscriptions at different price points to cater to different target audiences.

SurPaaS® Marketizer Workflow:

Accelerate Your Marketplace Integration

Let your application take a giant leap to preview mode on marketplace within 1 week using SurPaaS® guidance for publishing on MPN (Azure) or AWS account. Manage all your tenant lifecycle actions such as subscribe, unsubscribe, posting usage data, and upgrade through SurPaaS® with no code changes.

Enable Self-Provisioning Capability

Onboard any number of customers from Cloud Marketplaces by enabling instant self-provisioning mechanism on your application using SurPaaS®. Attach Cloud customers into your application system seamless from Cloud Marketplaces.

Meter, Aggregate and Post to Marketplace

Allow your business team to imagine and explore multiple strategies to bill your customers. Empower them to refine your billing strategy continuously to go with changing customer usage trends and without development effort.

Manage All Your Customers

Govern all your Cloud customers as tenants from a single console in SurPaaS®. Monitor the application health and customer usage patterns on Cloud Marketplaces. Analyze your customer behaviors based on statistics provided by SurPaaS®.

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