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We accelerate the entire Cloud Journey

Corent's SurPaaS® Platform automates some of the most complex, time and labor-consuming Cloud migration, modernization and management tasks. SurPaaS® is used by clients and partners to accelerate Discovery/Assessment, Cloud Migration, PaaS Integration, Containerization, SaaS-enablement and Operations, Marketplace Publishing, and on-going on-Cloud Cost Optimization, as a fully integrated automation platform for the entire Cloud Journey.

The Story Behind Corent and its Deep Technology Platform

Corent started out as just a few engineers who set out to create Software-Defined SaaS®. They called their creation SurPaaS, which was initially devised to automatically transform existing applications into multi-tenant SaaS.

While plug-in multi-tenancy was well-received, customers needed additional capabilities to more efficiently operate and sell their SaaS offerings. Before long, SurPaaS grew into the world’s only comprehensive SaaS enablement and operations offering.

But the journey was far from over.

One day, a customer of Corent recognized that, with SurPaaS’s ability to acquire a deep understanding of an application, it could be used for much more. In that insightful moment, Corent’s migration and modernization product was born.

Over the years, by bringing application awareness to the Cloud, SurPaaS would continue to position Corent to quickly respond to new opportunities, including continuous on-Cloud optimization, modernization and management of infrastructure, applications and SaaS operations.

Today, SurPaaS acquires, transforms and deploys models of an application, from anywhere, to anywhere. Unlike other platforms that stop at the infrastructure layer, SurPaaS models the entire application, its data, its dependencies and its lifecycle on the Cloud. It’s like ETL for applications.

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Where Our Team Works

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