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Corent has developed a powerful, integrated and proven platform to rapidly analyze software applications to rank and rate their suitability for Cloud through a single platform - SurPaaS®

Powered by SurPaaS®, enable rapid and seamless Cloud Migration of your applications to your preferred Cloud. This cuts down significant time and development costs.
Corent, Your One-Stop-Solution for your Cloud Journey
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Corent has a simple yet powerful value proposition. We enable software vendors to spend 100% of their time, effort and focus on their core software capabilities to make them the most competitive vendor in their space; and we provide the complementary capabilities to Cloudify and SaaSify their applications Rapidly, Reliably and Cost Effectively.
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Shafi Syed - CTO, EVP Operations & Co-Founder

The need to deliver reusable applications over the internet, paved the way for the formation of Corent Technology. The technology developed to create applications that can be shared by multiple organizations, which later evolved to an engine that could transform existing applications to shareable applications. With the advent of Cloud Technology the concept of application as a service became a reality.

All that was needed was a Launchpad to onboard the thousands of existing applications and rapidly deliver them ‘as a service’, leveraging the Cloud Technology. With innovation and research in multiple areas of Cloud Operations and Software delivery as a Service, Corent launched SurPaaS® as an integrated platform that rapidly Scans, Analyzes, Cloudifies and if desired SaaSifies applications into scalable, managed Cloud software solutions.

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