Our Vision

Simplify migration to Cloud
transformation to SaaS

Currently there’s no single platform, that’s easy to use, for software vendors to rapidly plan their Cloud migration strategy, shift their software workloads to Cloud and manage operations of multiple software products effectively. Once a software vendor migrates its applications to the Cloud, there’s no clear and easy path towards the next step of enabling their software to be delivered as scalable, efficient SaaS. Can there be a single platform that help Cloud migration as well as SaaS enablement and Operations? Can the same cloud migration platform enable software vendors to deliver their now cloud based software applications as a fully instrumented SaaS?
Corent has developed a powerful and proven platform to rapidly analyze software applications to rank and rate their suitability for Cloud and through a single platform - SurPaaS® - migrate applications to Cloud, and then - if desired – rapidly transform them to SaaS. This cuts down significant time and development costs.
Feyzi Fatehi, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board

Feyzi Fatehi


Corent has a simple yet powerful value proposition. We enable software vendors to spend 100% of their time, effort and focus on their core software capabilities to make them the most competitive vendor in their space and we provide the complementary capabilities to cloudify and SaaSify their applications rapidly, reliably and cost effectively.

Our Story

Corent emerged from the need to deliver reusable applications over the internet. The core technology developed to create applications that can be shared by multiple organizations, soon evolved to an engine that could rapidly transform existing applications into sharable application. With the advent of Cloud technology the concept of applications as a service became a reality.

All that was needed was a Launchpad to onboard the thousands of existing applications and rapidly deliver them ‘as a service,’ leveraging the Cloud technology. With innovation and research in multiple areas of Cloud operations and Software delivery as a Service, Corent launched SurPaaS® as a unifying platform that automatically scans and analyzes applications, enables cloud migration and delivers them as a scalable, efficient Service.

Shafi Syed, CTO, EVP Operations & Co-Founder Board Member

Shafi Syed

CTO, EVP Operations & Co-Founder

Our Customers

"We treat our customers as our partners"

We go the extra mile to help our customers succeed. Building an eco-system to help them promote their solution together with other Corent’s customers and partners.

Our Partners

"Corent believes in strong partnerships"

We build our products to help our partners grow their business and accelerate their success.

Our Team

"Our team innovates every single day"

We build our strength through ongoing innovation and constructive exchange of ideas to create ground breaking technology and leadership in our marketspace.

2012 Best Cloud Product of The Year Award Gartner Names Corent Technology a 2014 Cool Vendor for PaaS 2013 Beacon Award Finalist at IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference Corent Technology Honored With 2014 Most Innovative Cloud Service Award Best Investment Opportunity