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Cloud providers (sometimes referred to as Cloud Service Providers or CSPs) deliver SaaS services to help deploy IT-as-a-service solutions faster and gain the financial advantage of greater efficiency, control, and choice. They not only help to easily provision applications on your preferred cloud, but also serve better to leverage your business.

Cloud providers offer new levels of choice to speed adoption of hybrid cloud, including co-location and managed services with advanced integration. Their services range includes Data Protection, Security, Infrastructure, Applications, Desktop, Big Data.

SurPaaS® stays a layer ahead in disrupting the existing, inefficient, costly and time-consuming methods used to transform software to SaaS. Being a delivery platform, it also provides leading edge Cloud Application Technology transforming business applications into SaaS.

Some key benefits that SurPaaS® offers are:

  • Multiple Cloud Integration
  • Cloud Resource Monitoring and Billing
  • Enterprise Cloud Management
  • Multiple Topology Administration
  • Single Sign On Authentication
  • Customer Instance Scalability
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Corent is oxygen to ISVs with on-premise software applications.
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