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Corent & Dimension Data Joint webinar

Date : August 6, 2014 | Speakers: Jason Cumberland, VP SaaS Solutions, Dimension Data Cloud Solutions; Shafi Syed, CTO, EVP Operations & Co-Founder, Corent Technology; Ranga Raj, CTO, Thinxtream Technologies


As the customer preference for the SaaS model accelerates, ISVs who do not have a SaaS offering are missing out on sales.

There are two key obstacles holding software companies back from harnessing this explosive shift to SaaS:

  • Delivering their software "as a Service" in an efficient SaaS model.
  • Automating their IT and business operations to significantly reduce costs of SaaS service delivery.

Join Dimension Data and Corent Technology to understand how Thinxtream rapidly SaaS-enabled PrintRover, their leading mobile print software solution, using Corent's SurPaaS® platform.

You don't have to re-architect your software to operate in a SaaS & Cloud model.