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Case Studies

Accelerated Cloud migration using SurPaaS®

SurPaas® enables ISVs to transform an existing on-premises application into reliable and scalable application that supports multiple customers simultaneously. It enables ISVs to launch and run a future-oriented SaaS business in the cloud rapidly and cost effectively. Using SurPaaS® ISVs can leverage smart analytic solution and enter new markets with SaaS and mobility solutions.

With SurPaaS®, ISVs can:
  • Reduce R&D costs
  • Deliver rich cross-platform user experiences
  • Increase revenue and profits
Sports Aptitude Co-Founder
Corent's middleware has dramatically reduced our effort to migrate into a SaaS offering, enabling us to scale our company while leveraging best-of-breed technology.
Chris Kirschke

Co-Founder, Sports Aptitude