Managed Service Providers

One platform to manage all your customer applications

Deliver additional managed services to your Clients. App assessment, Shift, Metering and Ops as a Service using SurPaaS®

Case Studies

Providing managed services made easier and faster with SurPaaS®

SurPaaS® enables MSPs to provide network-based services, applications, and equipment to their customers on a subscription based usage. Its increased operational efficiency allows MSPs to continuously monitor and protect their network usage. Unified technology of SurPaaS® provides the best solution for disaster recovery and business continuity.

With SurPaaS®, MSPs can have:
  • Continuous infrastructure assessment and auditing
  • Proactive monitoring and servicing
  • Reduction in the total cost of ownership
  • Minimized downtime
THINK Strategies CEO
Corent's multi-tenant architecture is essential in creating service delivery mechanism in a scalable and economic fashion.
Jeff Kaplan

Founder and CEO, THINK Strategies