MaaS developed a comprehensive dependency map of all the servers and generated detailed reports about its feasibility for AWS Migration

Project Overview:

1079 servers were discovered on the on-premises datacenter, with both Windows Server and Linux operating systems, spanning across multiple subnets (68 subnets). Cloud assessment reports were generated for 615 servers as required by customer since the rest of the servers had internal applications. The project was completed within 3-4 weeks.


  • Intelligent Cloud migration advisories for modernizing the infrastructure

  • Avoided service disruption with End-of-Life advisories

  • TCO estimation for required Cloud resources

  • Identification of workload distribution, database location, and many more

Assessment of an Energy-Based Company’s Datacenter for AWS Migration using using MaaS

One of the Corent’s partners worked with a US-based customer, a Global Leader in the field of Advanced Energy and Environmental Technologies, to assess the servers running on a datacenter for AWS migration.

Our partner, a leading IT solutions provider, wanted to identify a feasible solution for assessing their customer’s datacenter for AWS Migration while complying with security standards. The partner utilized Corent’s MaaS to discover the servers in their customer’s datacenter and generate comprehensive reports which detail the feasibility of AWS migration scrutinizing various operational and business considerations.


  • Details such as IP, operating systems needed to be identified for all the servers
  • Adhering to the internal security standards set by customer's IT security team
  • Had to create and propose an AWS migration plan in a limited timeframe by assessing all the servers
  • Wanted to know the complete dependency mapping of all the servers


  • Assessment of all the servers was completed within a short time using MaaS’ Agentless Scanning mode with parallel scanning capability
  • Dependency mapping capability was utilized to identify the external communication links of servers for better migration planning
  • R-lane strategy was used to categorize and group servers based on complexity and criticality of servers/applications for migration planning
  • Security standards set by customer in the datacenter were satisfied by the security measures inbuilt within MaaS


Corent’s MaaS helped our partner in delivering their customer with a solution in assessing their datacenter for AWS migration. The detailed analysis of IT assets related to their datacenter along with a complete overview of all the workload components available in the server enabled the customer to plan their AWS migration in a systematic way.

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