Corent’s MaaS fast-tracked the migration of Databases from MS SQL Server & PostgreSQL to Azure SQL Database & Azure Database for PostgreSQL in Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Agility MC’s DBaaS Migration:


  • Compatibility analysis of your databases against PaaS services available in Cloud.

  • Manual effort eliminated due to automatic migration.

  • Secure data migration without loss.

  • No/near-zero downtime.

Migration of Database Servers to Azure PaaS Services using MaaS

Agility Multichannel is a global software enterprise with its headquarters in the UK and offers Product Information Management (PIM) capability, aimed at leading B2B retail and FMCG businesses.


Databases (MS SQL Server and PostgreSQL) associated with Agility Multichannel application has to be backed up manually on a regularly basis, to use it for restoring data as and when required. It posed few critical challenges in running the application. They are:
  • Manual and tedious backup and restore process.
  • Complex maintenance of created backups.
  • Separate cost for VM and software licenses (MS SQL).
  • Storage cost involved in keeping the backups in Database VMs was expensive.
Corent advised Agility to migrate their databases to a PaaS service available in Cloud for better management of backup and restore in a cost-effective way. Agility required support in identifying the suitable PaaS and in migrating to PaaS services.


MaaS helped Agility in solving the problem by addressing the challenges in assessment and migration.
  • Analysis and identification of compatible PaaS services for database servers.
  • Deeper analysis of databases to generate reports about the complexity of database migration.
  • Automated and orchestrated migration of databases to PaaS services.
  • Seamless integration of PaaS services with other application workloads.

Solution Overview

MaaS has the ability to integrate assessment and migration tools offered by different Cloud providers, such as Data Migration Assistant (DMA) and Database Migration Service (DMS) from Microsoft Azure.
Using DMA/DMS, MaaS scanned the Agility MC application and identified the workload components available in the application. It analyzed the identified workload components against the PaaS services available in Microsoft Azure and suggested the suitable ones.
Shiftplan was created using MaaS to migrate Agility MC application to Microsoft Azure. The application migration was completed successfully along with the migration of MS SQL and PostgreSQL to corresponding PaaS in Microsoft Azure.


Using MaaS, Agility migrated their databases successfully to Azure PaaS services. The migration outcomes are:
  • Detailed compatibility check of databases and identification of suitable PaaS versions.
  • Migration to Azure PaaS versions of MS SQL Server and PostgreSQL databases as suggested by MaaS to reduce maintenance and other manual efforts.
  • No change in functionality/application behavior.
  • The migration process, including the provisioning of PaaS services, was completed within approximately 4 hours.