Application Type:

Big Data Analytics

Target Cloud:

Microsoft Azure


  • Seamless scanning of servers and perfectly orchestrated application analysis

  • Multiple topology suggestions offered to cater to your Cloud deployment needs

  • Ability to customize your application topology for Cloud deployment

  • Advanced Cloud Migration Methodologies with simple to sophisticated modes

  • Secure application scanning and data migration scanning and data migration

  • Ability to integrate Azure PaaS services which enables faster deployment, high availability, and cost reduction in managing and maintaining services

Migrating your Analytics Solutions to Azure Cloud

Migrating Analytics applications to the Cloud has not been a straightforward exercise so far. Doing it efficiently and effectively requires an understanding of the optimal Cloud architecture and topology supporting your Analytics applications.

Before migrating your Analytics application to the Azure Cloud, many choices are to be made. For instance, to include Azure PaaS services like HDInsight, Machine Learning, Data Lake Analytics, Stream Analytics, and others. All in order to optimize the overall application performance for tasks such as:

And obtain an Analytics application stack meeting your demands


MaaS facilitates this migration journey from assessment up to migration in order to grasp the Azure benefits. And it guides you in every step of the decision-making process and final migration.

Solution Overview:

Application Analysis with PaaS Integration

MaaS helps you to explore various application re-architecting options for your Azure deployment which includes PaaS services integration.

Cost Modeling

MaaS enables you to model the cost for multiple deployment scenarios and topology options including PaaS services.

Explore Different What-If Scenarios

Using MaaS, you can develop different Cloud migration scenarios and analyze your Analytics application without disturbing its work environment (on-premises or datacenter).

Smart Migration

MaaS migrates the Analytics application to Azure Cloud with the ability to integrate PaaS services by replacing relevant workloads.

Data Security & Integrity

MaaS provides a safe and secure agentless scanning mode to scan protected environments. Data gathered from scanning the servers are encrypted using strong encryption methods. Data migration is secured with SSH (Linux) and SMB (Windows) protocols.


Using MaaS, the time required to migrate an Analytics application to Azure Cloud is reduced substantially with its automated Cloud migration techniques.

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