The customer's datacenter comprised over 300 Windows servers. The partner performed an agentless scan using a single Vanguard to plot the most suitable migration map for three Cloud Service Providers (CSPs).

All-Round Benefits:

  • Discovering and scanning a list of valid IP addresses.

  • Accessible and user-friendly interface.

  • Get cost modeling and TCO reports.

  • Calculates Reserve Instance cost for one and three years across CSPs.

  • Actionable advisories for EOL servers’ migration.

Assessment of Health Sector Giant for Cloud Migration

The UK-based customer is a healthcare provider training institute, seeking to bolster the sector by equipping staff to offer inclusive care. The customer delivers quality training to staff to meet the emerging challenges in the healthcare landscape. It approached one of Corent’s partners for expert advise to transition to the Cloud as part of its digital initiative.

Corent’s partner leveraged MaaS to assess the customer’s Cloud readiness. The partner scanned and assessed the customer’s datacenter using MaaS and generated detailed reports. The reports on migration feasibilities for the datacenter and its servers were shared with the customer.


  • Identifying and listing out IP addresses that ought to be scanned.
  • Scanning the identified IP addresses without using an agent under the non-factory model.
  • Determining Cloud feasibility while performing cost modeling.
  • Identifying EOL servers and drafting a suitable migration plan for them.
  • Ensuring zero-residue after the scanning process.


  • Using Network Discovery to identify a list of IP addresses for scan based on the subnet within the datacenter.
  • As MaaS supports non-factory model scan, the customer could perform a successful agentless scan without assistance.
  • MaaS offered precise TCO across CSPs for one and three-year Reserve Instance, which helped the customer to draft a comprehensive migration strategy.
  • MaaS suggested that EOL servers be upgraded, PaaSified, or migrated using Container services available on the Cloud.
  • Since MaaS did not use an agent during the infrastructure level assessment, all residues were automatically cleared the moment the scanner console closed.


The partner used MaaS to help the customer analyze their datacenter and formulate an optimum migration strategy for three CSPs in a single region.

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