Corent’s MaaS (Migration as a Service) accelerated Cloud migration of one of the leading infrastructure service provider’s customer application to the Cloud.


The original on-prem application setup had 3 servers. It was migrated to the Azure ARM Cloud with an application setup of 13 VMs which includes Web application servers, Web API servers, and database servers. The servers were migrated as 2 groups (7 servers and 6 servers) to 2 regions (US East and US West) respectively. The whole Cloud migration process was completed within approximately 12 hours.


MaaS (Migration as a Service)

Features of MaaS

  • Private-label and deliver Cloud Migration as a Service to your customers.

  • Seamless Scan of the server farms and application analysis orchestration.

  • Provision to generate and manage your own custom Cloud knowledge base.

  • Instant provisioning of "Migration as a Service" setup.

  • Advanced Cloud Migration Methodologies from simple to sophisticated.

  • Simplified workload installation using automation scripts from Workload Scripts Library.

Accelerated Migration of an EHR App to Azure using Corent MaaS

Atmosera is a key Microsoft partner that helps companies plan and execute smarter Cloud investments based on modern, open, flexible, and secure environments.

Atmosera used Corent's MaaS to migrate an Electronic Health Records (EHR) application of one of their customers to the Microsoft Azure Cloud.


  • Migrating on-prem EHR software to the Cloud.
  • Large amount of sensitive customer data to be migrated.
  • Needed a highly reliable application setup with no outage.
  • To be deployed globally serving multiple regions.
  • Estimated to take significant time and resources to manually migrate the application to Cloud.


  • Customized application topology for Cloud deployment while enabling business continuity.
  • Creation of an ideal Cloud migration plan without disturbing the application’s work environment.
  • Automated Cloud migration process using ready-to-use scripts available in the Workload Scripts Library.
  • Successfully migrated workloads to the Cloud.
  • Securely and seamlessly migrated data.

Atmosera's Cloud Deployment Model


  • Accelerated Cloud Migration process.
  • Secure migration of workloads, configuration, and data.
  • Complete preservation of customer data during Migration.
  • Improved scalability, redundancy.
  • Efficient and optimized resource utilization.


With the MaaS advanced Cloud migration platform, Atmosera was able to successfully migrate their customer’s sophisticated EHR application and data to the Cloud. MaaS helped Atmosera to further enhance their expertise in meeting their customer’s business needs with ease.