Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance.

Application Type:

Financial Applications.

Target Cloud:

Predominantly Private Cloud, can be migrated to Public Cloud as well.


  • On-prem financial application in the demilitarized zone of customer's network.

  • No internet access in application servers

  • Adhering to security and compliance regulations

  • Ensuring data security and planning Cloud migration

  • Susceptible to data theft during application analysis and Cloud migration


  • Ability to analyze the application’s Cloudability without compromising customer data security

  • Comparing application’s compatibility with various security and compliance regulations available in Cloud

  • Accelerated Cloud migration process

  • Comprehensive operational and business scenario analysis before migration

  • Ensuring data integrity and providing confidence to customers

Migrating Financial Applications to the Cloud

Financial institutions operate their applications in a very secure environment to protect their customer data and strengthen the information security of their system. So often the decision to migrate the application to Cloud lies with how effectively and securely they can migrate their application to Cloud with the security measures integrated into their system intact.

MaaS provides an ideal solution to this problem which can swiftly analyze and migrate any application to Cloud from secure environments without compromising the security.

Solution Overview:


Information Security

Application servers are analyzed in a secure environment using SurPaaS® Vanguard Scanner, which does not require internet access during analysis.
Firewall settings (both OS and Cloud) are configured to allow only necessary communication.

Regulations & Compliances

Application analyzed for its Cloud compatibility including the security and compliance regulations available in Cloud.
Cloud migration plan created to strategize and orchestrate proper execution which helps in abiding with regulations & compliances.

Data Privacy

Data migrated to Cloud using secure encryption method which ensures the security of sensitive customer information.

Typical Scenario:

Application setup with 50-100 servers comprising of load-balanced app setup, distributed clustered database setup, secure directory services, storage, and third-party services in a closed and secure environment. All servers were located in a demilitarized zone (DMZ) of the customer network and did have access to the internet. MaaS Vanguard Scanner was set up inside DMZ to analyze the servers. Internet access was later provided to migrate servers only after the customer reviewed SurPaaS®' analysis findings and decided to migrate the app to Cloud.


Using MaaS, any financial application can be migrated securely to the Cloud. MaaS has helped many customers around the Globe to realize Cloud benefits and maintain the safety of their sensitive financial data during Cloud migration.

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