Project Overview:

The customer had over 400 servers – a combination of Windows and Linux – spread over two datacenters. The partner used two Vanguards to carry out a detailed assessment of the environment to generate incisive and insightful reports that served as a template for the customer’s migration plan.

All-Round Benefits:

  • In-built subnet discovery function.

  • Move Group Strategy analysis for a better migration plan (R-lane).

  • Lift & shift to AWS Cloud using Corent’s strategies.

  • No downtime or data loss during migration.

  • Analyze Migration Risk factor and EOL mitigation suggestions.

Banking Sector

Assessment for Cloud Migration

The customer is a Namibia-based African banking major. It specializes in personal banking products, including insurance, loans, and credit cards. The customer approached one of Corent’s partners, seeking expert advice to chart its migration plan.

Corent’s partner used MaaS to deliver Cloud assessment services to its customer. The partner scanned and assessed the customer’s datacenter using MaaS and generated detailed reports. The reports on migration feasibilities for the datacenter and its servers were shared with the customer.


  • Identifying the IP addresses to determine the servers available in the datacenter to plan migration.
  • Determining the feasibility of migrating the identified servers to AWS; identifying the inter-server dependency and communication.
  • Determining the migration priorities based on application grouping and charting a suitable plan for AWS migration.
  • Performing as-is migration (Lift and Shift) of the servers to AWS Cloud.
  • Ensuring zero downtime and product readiness post-migration by performing synchronization.


  • MaaS used its in-built subnet discovery function to identify the IP addresses and the associated servers.
  • MaaS identified the communication ports, along with process information and ID, based on which inter-server dependencies were identified.
  • Move Group Strategy analysis report provided by MaaS helped the partner identify the application groups in the datacenter. Migration plan was charted based on the Cloud parameters and move groups were defined for migration to the AWS Cloud.
  • MaaS offered precise strategies to shift the environment to the Cloud using Lift and Shift.
  • MaaS suggested optimum migration plans, using which the partner ensured product readiness and zero downtime post-migration.


By using MaaS, the partner helped the customer to analyze their datacenters and formulate an optimum migration strategy.

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