“Having our SaaS application, C-Facts, published on Azure Marketplace and automatically integrated with our existing SaaS offering on Azure opens up many new opportunities for customers to discover us and subscribe.”

— Martijn van Zoeren,
Managing Director & Sales, C-Facts

C-Facts At-a-glance::

Customer: C-Facts
Website: https://www.c-facts.com/
Customer Size: Startup
Country: Netherlands
Industry: Information Technology
Product & Services: C-Facts Platform

“Marketizer provided the ability to publish our offering on Azure Marketplace automatically and quickly...”

— Bianca de Weerd,
Manager Operations & Customer Services, C-Facts

C-Facts Quickly Extended its SaaS Reach Globally with SaaSOps® Marketizer

The C-Facts Cloud Control Center provides valuable insights into the digital Cloud footprint by showing users the dependency on their Cloud services in relation to cost, usage, security, and liabilities. That allows users to manage and control the impact of these Cloud services and mitigate related risks.

  • Consumption with cost management, billing, and cross-charging
  • Commerce trends on Cloud resources and licenses.
  • Compliance control with sustainability analytics.

Customer Challenges:

  • C-Facts wished to extend its marketing reach and make it convenient for Microsoft Azure customers to discover and subscribe using their existing Azure Cloud account. The C-Facts SaaS offering was already running on Azure and had its subscription and commercial services provided by SaaSOps.
  • Publishing C-Facts as a SaaS application on Azure Marketplace involves numerous steps and requires integration so that new subscriber provisioning and onboarding can be accomplished. This was a new process for C-Facts and required an investment in time and effort.


  • Corent’s Marketizer provides a solution to the time-consuming and complicated process for publishing an application as SaaS on Azure Marketplace. Whether already SaaS or not, it can automate the process of publishing and integrating with Azure Marketplace so that an application can easily be offered as SaaS through the Azure Marketplace.

Customer Benefits:

  • Our customer was able to quickly offer their users a SaaS option via Azure Marketplace. This enabled users to utilize their existing Azure Cloud account subscriptions and have a consolidated bill for their Cloud and C-Facts usage.

  • Marketizer reduced the time to publish C-Facts on Azure Marketplace from weeks to days and required no code changes for provisioning and operational management of tenants.

  • By utilizing scalable Azure and the capabilities of SaaSOps, C-Facts users can now be billed by Microsoft and the net revenue can be funneled to the C-Facts bank account periodically.

  • New tenants subscribing via Azure Marketplace were managed operationally the same as any others, with the commercial aspects handled by Microsoft through Marketizer integration.

  • Corent’s SaaSOps Marketizer enabled the customer to easily take advantage of the global reach of Azure Marketplace by extending its existing SaaS offering.


C-Facts is now sold on both Azure Marketplace as well as from their website directly, with different subscription plans. Both storefronts are powered by SaaSOps Marketizer with no code change and no new deployments