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"Corent's SaaSOps platform enabled us to rapidly take our cloud insight and sustainability governance application to market as SaaS with all the subscription management, automated tenant on-boarding and billing necessary to operate as a SaaS Provider, all in a matter of days."

Martijn van Zoeren, CEO,

Equipped Cloud Governance Application with Advanced SaaS Features

C-Facts is a Cloud account administration application used by Enterprises, CSPs, and their users to derive insights into their digital (Cloud) footprint from different perspectives.

Customer contacted Corent with their requirement to include self-provisioning capability into the application. Corent provided a suitable solution within a short period to achieve the same using SaaSOps.


  • C-Facts is a Kubernetes-based multitenant application running on Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service.
  • Customer wanted the application to have the capability to allow tenants to provision accounts themselves and have online payment capability.


  • SaaS operational/commercial capabilities were integrated with C-Facts application through Self-Service SaaS feature of SaaSOps.
  • C-Facts’ own application APIs were integrated with SaaSOps using its customer API adaptability feature.
  • C-Facts was able to create multiple subscription models in SaaSOps based on their business needs and made it available/embedded on their website.
  • Minimal Azure infrastructure services were utilized for implementing the solution and SaaS operational/commercial capabilities were integrated without affecting the existing production environment.


  • Tenant self-provisioning with no code change.
  • Additional subscription capabilities (such as add charge, discounts, refund) included.
  • The solution can be extended to use Azure Marketplace integration and usage-based billing capabilities of SaaSOps
  • Integration of secure payment capability using latest Stripe features.
  • Seamless management of tenant lifecycle.


C-Facts application was equipped with advanced SaaS capabilities and showcased to the customer within 48 hours. It was achieved without disturbing the existing production environment or modifying the source code of the application.

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