Secure migration of a BFSI application to Microsoft Azure Stack within a few days using MaaS and accommodated customer’s preferences without compromising on security.

Project Overview:

Customer’s application had 3 servers – application and database (MySQL) servers – running on OpenStack (Dell). It had a mix of both Windows and Linux (CentOS and Ubuntu) operating systems. Project was completed in 7-8 days and the application was migrated to Microsoft Azure Stack within 10 hours.


  • Time and cost savings due to reuse of existing resources

  • Resizing Cloud resources based on customer’s need

  • Secure Cloud migration with no data loss

  • Balancing the right amount of flexibility and control for a truly-consistent Hybrid Cloud

  • Empowering developers to build and deploy applications the same way on Microsoft Azure or Microsoft Azure Stack for accelerated development

  • Running Microsoft Azure Stack services across truly-consistent Hybrid Cloud

Migrating a BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) Application to Microsoft Azure Stack using MaaS

CBNCloud is one of the pioneer cloud service providers in Indonesia who keeps on innovating new ideas and provides relevant and complete solution to their customers. One of CBNCloud’s customers wanted to migrate their BFSI application from their Private Cloud to Microsoft Azure Stack.

To migrate the application, CBNCloud collaborated with Corent, who is a leader in Cloud Migrations and one of the very first in the industry to complete Microsoft Azure Stack migrations successfully. CBNCloud’s customer preferred Microsoft Azure Stack for utilizing the latest features and technologies provided by Microsoft Azure while maintaining their resources in a Private Cloud.


  • Cloud migration is a difficult and complex process to plan and execute

  • VMs had both Private and Public IPs in order to have secure internal communication and provide access to external application users

  • Existing network security rules had to be applied while migrating VMs to Microsoft Azure Stack (for adhering to existing security measures and reducing setup time)

  • Migrating a server with Software Defined Storage (SDS) to Cloud


  • Automated on-the-fly Cloud migration without downtime

  • Application was migrated as-is through a Vanguard Scanner using Lift and Shift mode

  • Allowed the customer to select existing network security rules and suggested better hardware configuration for improved performance

  • Categorized VMs during launch based on customer's preference of using their own Windows license for those VMs after migration


CBNCloud was able to gain the confidence of their customers with the help of Corent’s easy-to-use and automated mechanism. CBNCloud gained further benefits by acquiring Microsoft Azure Stack migration knowledge from Corent’s guided approach and support.