Project Overview:

The project entailed a comprehensive Scan & Assessment of 600 servers, a mix of Windows and Linux, utilizing 6 vanguards through a private installation of MaaS. This endeavor was aimed at bolstering the IT infrastructure, ensuring a seamless and secure operation.


  • Data Security: Ensured that no data was exposed outside of network, maintaining the highest standards of data privacy.

  • Cost Comparison: TCO analysis provided by the project enabled, to identify the most cost-effective cloud solutions tailored to their specific needs.

  • Capacity Planning: Enabled precise capacity planning for customized private cloud.

  • Migration Suggestions: Analyzed migration risk factors, offering suggestions for a seamless transition.

Autonomous Scan and Assessment via MaaS in a Private Setup

Germany's top provider of tech-driven claims processing, invoice auditing, and billing preparation services for health insurers offers innovative software solutions that have revolutionized operations. These solutions empower others in the healthcare sector to automate processes and enhance efficiency.

Industry and Region Focus

Operating within the healthcare industry in Germany, this initiative is a testament to the commitment to maintaining the highest standards of service delivery and data security in one of the most critical sectors.


  • Project execution in an Embedded security model - Private setup.
  • Preparation of a customized cloud KB.
  • Determining the cost and migration planning for their private cloud.
  • Scanning of German locale language servers.


  • Facilitated the private installation of MaaS, employing a guided approach for seamless execution.
  • Private cloud KB used for assessment & MaaS provides a customized solution for any private cloud assessment.
  • MaaS generated reports providing crucial information about Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and relevant migration advisories.
  • MaaS facilitates scanning of mixed locale languages for agentless scanning.


The project culminated in a detailed assessment and migration feasibility report, enabling better migration planning through an agentless approach and private installation. This strategic initiative ensured that data did not transit outside the network, providing a secure and comprehensive assessment for the private cloud.

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