Project Overview:

The customer’s environment had five Windows servers in one datacenter. The complete environment was scanned and assessed using one Vanguard. Using MaaS, the partner generated an Infra Report for multiple regions and furnished Cloud feasibility reports.


  • Vanguard is used as a bridge to conduct agentless and extended scans.

  • MaaS generates reports across multiple Cloud providers.

  • Extended scan collects data inventory on utilization.

  • Modernization Migration planning can be done based on the identified workload.

Food Industry

Assessment for Cloud Migration

The customer is a Japanese multinational food and biotechnology corporation, producing seasonings, interlayer insulating materials for semiconductor packages for use in personal computers, cooking oils, frozen foods, beverages, sweeteners, amino acids, and pharmaceuticals. The customer wanted to migrate to Cloud and approached one of Corent’s partners for advisories on migration.

Corent’s partner used MaaS to deliver Cloud assessment to its customer. The partner scanned and assessed the customer’s datacenters using MaaS and generated detailed reports and shared the same with the customer.


  • Identifying the IP addresses from the list of servers in the datacenter.
  • Determining the Cloud feasibility and performing a Cloud cost modeling.
  • Identifying the server utilization metrics in the datacenter.
  • Identifying workloads for all the servers.


  • MaaS uses subnet discovery to identify IP addresses to perform an agentless scan.
  • MaaS’ in-built capability helped generate feasibility reports for various cloud providers in a single analysis.
  • Based on the extended scan, utilization data regarding CPU, memory, and network were captured. These performance metrics helped calculate the equivalence match for right-sizing.
  • MaaS identified the workloads in the customer environment and provided the compatibility against the relevant services offered by the Cloud Provider.


By using MaaS, the partner helped the customer to analyze its datacenter and formulate an optimum strategy for Cloud migration.

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