Project Overview:

The ambitious project entailed a thorough Scan & Assessment of 2,000 servers, which included a mix of Windows and Linux operating systems, via a specialized technology firm's products through a private MaaS (Migration as a Service) installation.


  • Effective discovery and cataloging of IPs for secure scanning.

  • In-depth migration risk analysis and strategic recommendations based on end-of-life (EOL) data.

  • Utilization of reports to refine migration plans.

  • Accurate projections of cloud-related expenses using predictive analytics.

  • Guaranteed data privacy with all sensitive information processed within the company’s secure network.

Leveraging Corent Technology for Cloud Excellence

A leading secure logistics and valuables management company initiated a significant project to enhance its server infrastructure and explore cloud migration possibilities.

Catering to a diverse customer base, including financial entities, retailers, and various government bodies, the company required a sophisticated approach to its digital transformation journey.


  • Windows Compatibility: Adapting MaaS to integrate with an existing Windows-centric server environment.
  • Inter-server Communication: Mapping complex server dependencies.
  • License Lifecycle Management: Tracking server licenses nearing expiration.
  • Pre-migration Resource Planning: Ensuring adequate cloud resource planning before migration.
  • Aggressive Timeline: Conducting an extensive scan within a tight one-month timeframe.


  • Customizing MaaS to function within a Windows server environment.
  • Applying advanced technology to identify server dependencies for communication and processes.
  • Implementing license expiration tracking and support timeline features.
  • Offering precise capacity planning for optimal cloud resource allocation prior to migration.
  • The team scaled up with additional vanguard servers, ensuring prompt and efficient completion of the assessment.


The collaboration led to a successful delivery of a detailed assessment and a cloud migration feasibility plan. The agentless assessment, backed by a private installation of the technology partner’s tools, ensured data protection and provided a clear blueprint for the company’s future cloud strategy.

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