Partner used Corent’s MaaS for scanning and assessing the customer’s datacenters for Microsoft Azure migration feasibility and generated reports to help them develop a strategic Cloud migration plan.

Project Overview:

The customer’s environment had three datacenters spread across three regions and comprised 770-odd Windows and Linux servers. The complete environment was scanned and analyzed using six Vanguard servers to generate Cloud feasibility reports.


  • Data encryption during the scan to ensure data security.

  • Upgrade advisories on EOL servers.

  • Report generated for multiple Cloud providers across different regions.

  • Insightful reports on migration to Azure and AWS

Healthcare Industry

Assessment for Cloud Migration

The customer is a leading, global life science tools company, providing mission-critical components and solutions to high-growth application areas across the human healthcare and applied market segments. The UK-based customer approached one of Corent's partners, seeking advisories to plan its migration. The partner carried out a detailed scan of the customer’s environment and generated detailed reports to help the latter plan its migration journey.

Corent’s partner used MaaS to deliver Cloud assessment services to its customer. The partner scanned and assessed the customer’s datacenters using MaaS and generated detailed reports. The reports on migration feasibilities for the datacenters and their servers were shared with the customer.


  • Performing an agentless scan of a vast environment.
  • Identifying the Cloud feasibility to suit the customer's requirements.
  • Finding the right migration plans for the servers running on End-of-Life (EOL) Windows and Linux.
  • Carrying out cost analysis and drafting an optimum migration plan.
  • Performing application move group analysis.


  • The customer's environment was scanned using the agentless scanning approach.
  • MaaS' detailed feasibility report consisted of advisories and cost comparison across all Cloud platforms.
  • MaaS suggested migration of EOL servers to Azure, either by transitioning seamlessly to a newer OS or to PaaS/Containers available on Cloud.
  • MaaS report offered deep insight into the TCO; relevant advisories were issued for better migration planning.
  • MaaS created move groups, based on which the Reserve Instance cost could be calculated for 1 and 3 years on the selected Clouds and regions.


By using MaaS, the partner helped the customer to analyze their datacenters and formulate an optimum migration strategy.

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