Corent’s valuable customer accelerated their business value by successfully migrating the application to AWS Cloud without data loss, using MaaS

The on-premises application was running on 3 servers (2 Windows servers and 1 Linux server). The Linux server had database with a huge volume of data to be processed on request. MaaS used 1 Vanguard server to securely scan the servers and migrated the application to AWS Cloud within 3 business days using Shadow Shift methodology.


  • Listing of multiple, suitable Cloud deployment models.

  • Automated lift & shift migration.

  • No data loss and near-zero downtime during migration.

  • Data security in transit and at rest.

Migration of Catering and Support Services Application to AWS Cloud using MaaS

A World leader in catering and support services found Corent's MaaS as an instant solution for quick and effective Cloud migration in the process of their AWS Cloud migration strategy planning.

After a thorough study about the business requirement of the customer, the feasibility of migrating the application has been analyzed within the desired time period and a suitable migration methodology has been proposed. Upon the approval of suggested methodology, servers associated with the application were quickly migrated to AWS Cloud without any data loss and downtime.


  • Identifying suitable optimization topology for migrating the application to AWS Cloud.
  • Discovering database details such as schema, tables, functions, triggers, and procedures.
  • Migrating the application to AWS Cloud in a short time period without data loss.
  • Migrating to the Cloud requires sound knowledge for application deployment.


  • What-if analysis for comparison of various application migration strategies and identification of suitable strategy.
  • Advisories to choose suitable PaaS available in AWS Cloud for identified database.
  • Lift & shift methodology for rapid migration of the application to AWS Cloud.
  • Zero-point synchronization until cutover to ensure that the data are synchronized during migration.


By quickly migrating the application with lift and shift solution of MaaS, the application owner was able to instantly attain the required benefits offered by AWS Cloud and unlock their business value

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