Partner used Corent’s MaaS for scanning and assessing the customer’s datacenters for Microsoft Azure Cloud migration feasibility and generated reports to help them develop a strategic Cloud migration plan.

Project Overview:

The customer’s environment had several datacenters, comprising over 300 Windows and Linux servers. The complete environment was scanned and analyzed with a single Vanguard server to generate Cloud feasibility reports.


  • MaaS rapidly obtained the entire environment’s data to save time.

  • MaaS helped carry out application-level analysis using dependency map.

  • The customer could execute MaaS on their own using the non-factory model.

  • MaaS offered optimum Cloud recommendation and VM sizing advisories.

Chemical Industry

Assessment for Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration

The customer – a Germany-based global leader in industrial coating resins, crosslinkers, and additives – is an accepted specialty chemicals pioneer. The customer wanted to scan and assess their datacenters in Belgium for Microsoft Azure Cloud migration. They approached one of Corent’s partner seeking their expertise. Corent’s partner helped the customer assess and scan their environment to chart an optimum migration plan.

Corent’s partner sought to deliver Cloud assessment services to its customer through MaaS. The partner scanned and assessed the customer’s datacenters using MaaS and generated detailed reports. The reports, explaining the Cloud migration feasibilities for the datacenters and their servers, were shared with the customer.


  • Identifying servers that needed to be scanned across different datacenters.
  • Difficulty in providing single domain credentials for different datacenters.
  • Determining the feasibility of migration to Microsoft Azure.
  • Identifying applications installed in the different servers.


  • MaaS used Network discovery to identify the list of IP addresses based on the subnet within the datacenters.
  • Single domain user credentials for different datacenters created; common authentication protocol for the datacenters established.
  • MaaS provided optimum Cloud feasibility report with all advisories and recommendations. Altogether, 67 application-based reports were generated.
  • MaaS identified the dependencies between servers during the Agentless scan, in which the applications groups were predicted.


The partner helped the customer to analyze their data centers and formulate their migration strategy to Microsoft Azure.

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