Datacenters spread across different customer facilities were assessed using SurPaaS® MaaS to build a commercially viable Cloud migration strategy.

Project Overview:

Customer’s datacenters were spanned across different geolocations with a total capacity of 600+ servers. All the servers were using Windows operating system. Corent’s SurPaaS® scanned and assessed the complete environment within 1 week.


  • Fully automated Cloud feasibility check and cost estimation

  • Identification of building blocks for each server without the dependency of IT asset owner

  • Cloud cost comparison and identification of flavors across different AWS regions

  • Suitable PaaS advisories for workload components

Assessment of Geographically Distributed Datacenters for AWS Migration using SurPaaS® MaaS

A worldwide leader in Consumer Products wanted to analyze the servers in their datacenters, spanning across different locations around the Globe, before migrating them to AWS Cloud.

Corent and its partner collaborated to provide a state-of-the-art solution that helped the customer in evaluating their datacenters and assessed the feasibility of migrating the servers to AWS Cloud.


  • Multiple datacenters to be assessed across different locations with minimum effort
  • Identifying the servers available in different subnets running across multiple datacenters
  • Assessing the servers without exposing its credentials
  • Servers with different operating system locale (languages) had to be assessed


  • 2 Vanguard servers were used to assess the servers running on multiple datacenters
  • SurPaaS® Adaptive Learning System identified and profiled new workload components
  • Identified equivalent and optimized Cloud flavor matches for migration and estimated the Cloud cost
  • Adhered to the existing security policies of the environment


Corent's solution helped the customer to make informed decisions to build their Cloud migration strategy based on the detailed and comprehensive reports generated by SurPaaS®.

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