Corent’s Cloud Migration Platform and its optimized migration strategies (MaaS) was used to migrate customer’s datacenter to Azure Stack HCI.

Project Overview:

The customer had more than 100 servers in a datacenter. Using MaaS (Migration as a Service) a detailed assessment of the environment was performed to generate incisive and insightful reports that charted the course for the migration of datacenter to Azure Stack HCI.


  • Secure Cloud migration with no data loss.

  • Strategic decision making.

  • Leveraging Cloud capability to the fullest.

  • Simplified management and monitoring.

Migrating Datacenter to Azure Stack HCI using MaaS

Corent’s Customer is a leading Japanese multinational cosmetic company, and the customer wanted to migrate their datacenter to Azure Stack HCI. Corent’s MaaS was their choice in assessing the Cloud environment for compatibility and migrating to Azure Stack HCI.

MaaS was used to deliver Cloud assessment and migration services to the customer. Environment was scanned and assessed using MaaS and generated detailed reports. These reports enabled to migrate the datacenter to Azure Stack HCI Cloud.


  • Migrating data center with huge volume of data with complexity and scalability.
  • Maintaining on-premises environment with high efficiency after migration and implementing modernization techniques.
  • Optimization and modernization of workloads.
  • Ensuring data security during and after migration.


  • MaaS performed scan and assessment of the datacenters to offer a deep understanding of deployable workloads with advisories which helped to migrate huge volume of data to Cloud seamlessly without any complexity.
  • MaaS with its unique modernization technique helped to consolidate virtualized workloads and gain Cloud efficiencies by retaining the secured data in the private Cloud.
  • Automates synchronization, ensuring no data loss while replicating data from the production server to the Azure Stack HCI.
  • MaaS ensures utmost security to the data, as all the data are encrypted during Scanning, Assessment and Migration.


Customer’s data center was analyzed, migration strategy was formulated, and the data centers were successfully migrated to Azure Stack HCI using MaaS.

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