Sol-Tec assessed its customer’s infrastructure and guided them to build a suitable Cloud migration strategy based on the detailed Cloud assessment reports generated by MaaS

Project Overview:

UK-based customer of Sol-Tec. 124 servers were running on datacenters, split across 2 locations. Along with VMware servers, customer’s infrastructure includes 33 physical servers as well.


  • End-of-Life Windows server migration advisories

  • Cost modeling for migration planning

  • Cloud modernization advisories

UK-based DMZ Infrastructure Assessment for Microsoft Azure Migration

The customer, a world leader in marine science and technology, contacted Sol-Tec to analyze their datacenters for migration to Microsoft Azure. Sol-Tec, a Leading UK-based Cloud Services Provider, helps public sector organizations discover new capabilities and cost efficiencies through datacenter migration to Cloud.

Sol-Tec has partnered with Corent Technology to deliver Cloud assessment and migration services to its customers through MaaS. Using MaaS, Sol-Tec analyzed the customer’s infrastructure in detail and generated Cloud feasibility reports for closer examination of the infrastructure and planning a detailed migration strategy.


  • Infrastructure had lots of End-of-Life Windows servers (2003, 2003 R2, 2008, 2008 R2).
  • Servers were running across 2 locations within the UK in a DMZ environment
  • Customer wanted to know the modernization feasibility for the scanned resources on Microsoft Azure.
  • Comprehensive TCO analysis required for the migration of the infrastructure to Microsoft Azure.


  • For 2008/2008 R2 servers: Migration to Microsoft Azure with extended OS support was suggested.
  • For 2003/2003 R2 servers: Smart migration was suggested to move to the latest OS available on Microsoft Azure since these were legacy OS and were not available on any Cloud.
  • 49 database servers and 70 web servers were recommended to migrate to PaaS available on Microsoft Azure for modernization.


Assessment of servers was completed using 2 Vanguard Scanners. Complete Cloud feasibility reports were provided with a detailed cost breakdown for every resource available on the customer infrastructure.

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