Target Cloud:

Servers can be migrated to Public, Private, or Hybrid Cloud.


  • Identifying all the workloads in the datacenter

  • ssessing and migrating the servers in a private network to Cloud

  • Identifying and integrating relevant Cloud services

  • Migration of datacenter from various locations to Cloud

  • Manual migration of datacenter is time-consuming and error-prone

  • Identifying suitable Cloud provider based on your business needs and security compliances

  • Cost estimation of Cloud migration

"Planning a Cloud migration strategy for a Datacenter is quite difficult, but MaaS makes it smooth and easy"

– Shafi Syed, CTO, Corent


  • Comprehensive operational and business analysis before migration

  • Faster Cloud migration process

  • Shorten your time to market

  • Improve Scalability & Elasticity of your Cloud resources

  • Reduce Capital Expenditure and lower maintenance costs

  • Deploy servers in multiple Cloud regions

Rapid Datacenter Migration to the Cloud

The operations and cost benefits due to migration of datacenters are well understood by enterprises and small datacenters. Though Cloud migration is a one-time activity, it is essential to plan and execute a datacenter migration with extreme caution. Tried-and-tested methods with appropriate expertise are required to ensure business continuity.

Corent, with its years of experience in Cloud migration, has developed MaaS, which provides fine-tuned cutting-edge technology for enterprises to effectively manage their Datacenter migration to Cloud.

Datacenter Migration:

MaaS provides a detailed assessment of the datacenters including cost factor analysis.
It builds a network map and Cloudability heatmap for all the servers considering the size and complexity of datacenters.
This can be achieved using Vanguard Scanner, which is an internal scanning engine, to perform agentless scan of datacenter in a very secure manner.

Solution Overview:


Workload Identification in Datacenters

MaaS, with its unique intelligence, identifies all the workloads in the datacenter and creates a network map of the servers. By using this information, Cloud migration can be automated using MaaS.

Migration of Datacenter from Any Region Including Private Network

MaaS provides you with the capability to migrate datacenters from a private network using Vanguard server. Datacenter from multiple regions can be scanned, analyzed, and migrated to the nearest or preferred region in the Cloud.

Cost Modeling

MaaS helps you to compare the cost to migrate the datacenter to different Cloud providers and helps you choose the best suitable Cloud. It also helps you to perform a detailed TCO analysis for the Cloud resources, migration, and operations.

Opportunities for Optimization

You can rapidly migrate your entire VMs/servers setup quickly from on-premises to Cloud using Shadow Shift mode or you can utilize optimization using Smart Shift and PaaS Shift modes. You can utilize the opportunity to retopologize the workloads in your datacenter based on your business needs using Smart Shift mode. Certain servers can be identified and replaced with relevant PaaS services available in Cloud using PaaS Shift mode.

Shadow Shift Flow Diagram:

Datacenters ranging from few servers to hundreds or thousands of servers distributed across multiple regions can be scanned. Multiple Vanguard servers can be set up, one per region, to discover, analyze, and assess datacenters. The results can be viewed and reviewed to strategize your datacenter migration to Cloud. The datacenter can be packaged as rightsized VMs and shifted to the Cloud.


With MaaS, enterprises can bring down the effort required for Datacenter infrastructure analysis and migration. It translates into a significant reduction in time, from many months to a few weeks, and in total cost.

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