The client approached Corent seeking help in creating a comprehensive strategy to streamline the process of publishing their application on the AWS Marketplace.


  • Marketizer made it possible for the customer to effortlessly tap into the worldwide accessibility of AWS Marketplace by expanding its current SaaS offering.
  • Marketizer significantly decreased the time it takes to publish C-Facts on AWS Marketplace, bringing it down from weeks to days. This was achieved without the need for any code modifications, making the provisioning and operational management of tenants seamless and hassle-free.
  • Marketizer provides a seamless and convenient onboarding experience for customers who register through the marketplace. Our automated provisioning system ensures that customers are effortlessly provisioned on the application without any need for manual intervention.

Deploying Cfacts Application on AWS Marketplace

Cfacts stands out as a top provider of IT solutions, focusing on delivering software tools designed for cloud optimization and cost management. Their innovative tools empower businesses to effectively control and optimize their cloud costs, benefiting CFOs, budget holders, and all stakeholders. Ultimately, their solutions result in substantial business advantages for organizations.


  • Marketizer assessed the features of the product, the market, the competition, the revenue drivers of the company, and formulated strategies to provide the most suitable pricing model to maximize the monetization of their service.
  • Marketizer was able to comprehend consumer requests and combine usage-based invoicing and metering with the AWS Marketplace to help customer efficiently monetize their applications.
  • Given that the customer had their application already hosted as SaaS in the cloud. Marketizer analyzed the application DNA and implemented a proper provisioning strategy for onboarding tenants.

Delivery Model


  • The customer received comprehensive help and guidance throughout the process, from meeting all the necessary requirements to setting up their AWS seller account. Additionally, they were provided with marketing strategies tailored for the AWS Marketplace.
  • Marketizer automated self-provision of tenants via the AWS Marketplace and streamlined the client acquisition process in order to grow Cfacts operations.
  • Marketizer effectively interpreted the application specifications and tailored marketing strategies, enabling them to accelerate their time to value (TtV) and increase customer reach.


Marketizer has successfully published the Cfacts application on the AWS marketplace, offering users the flexibility to select from various subscription models based on their preference. Now users can easily sign up, log in, and access product support services online without any hassle.

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