Corent delivered a popular CMS application as a fully instrumented SaaS on AWS Cloud


The application was set up in a single server environment. It is a PHP application and utilizes a MySQL database in the backend.

Rapid SaaSification of a Leading CMS Application on AWS

Drupal is an open-source content management system (CMS) that is used to build websites and applications. It is also used for knowledge management and business collaboration.

It offers several key features such as content authoring, multi-site capacity, performance and scalability management of websites, and security.


  • Transforming the single-tenant application to support multiple tenants.
  • Managing Drupal’s lifecycle is complex considering the large catalog of modules and themes it offers.
  • Supporting MySQL PaaS service in the SaaSified application.
  • Ensuring robustness in SaaS architecture for scalability and security.
  • Monitoring the application and its usage for billing.


  • Drupal was SaaS-enabled using Multi-Tenancy model by SurPaaS®.


  • Intelligent management of SaaSified application with monitoring, auto-scaling tools, etc.
  • Shared application resources among users for reducing maintenance effort/cost.
  • Lower IT costs for infrastructure.
  • Robust backup and restore capability through modernization using PaaS.
  • Higher adoption rates.


Using SurPaaS®, Corent transformed Drupal into a complete SaaS solution available on AWS Cloud within a few days and without any development effort. It also successfully integrated AWS’ MySQL PaaS service with Drupal, thereby improving its scalability, availability, performance, security, and reducing TCO.