Modern and reliable Cloud migration strategy built using SurPaaS® MaaS for a data-sensitive e-Government datacenter.

Project Overview:

Customer had a total of 150+ servers running on VMware environment in a most secure datacenter. These servers include a mix of both Windows and Linux operating systems. The complete environment was assessed within a few days.


  • Infrastructure optimization advisories for cost savings

  • PaaS recommendations to reduce maintenance accountability

  • Defined smarter Cloud migration strategy

  • Optimized the projected Cloud cost within estimates

Assessment of a Secure Government Datacenter for AWS Cloud Migration using SurPaaS® MaaS

A leading educational services organization in the Middle East required a viable infrastructure optimization strategy for the Cloud migration of their datacenter.

The highlight of this engagement was the assessment of one of the most secure datacenters from the Government sector. Corent assisted the customer by scanning the entire datacenter and building a detailed communication and dependency mapping of the infrastructure, using its intelligent Cloud assessment and migration platform, SurPaaS® MaaS.


  • Identifying the dependency mapping of servers in the datacenter
  • Gathering information about hardware and workload components in the servers
  • Discovering optimized Cloud flavors based on resource utilization data of the servers
  • Required better insights for Cloud migration planning


  • Provided the ability to model migration cost within the Government's budget
  • Summary of all the workload components running on the servers
  • Migration strategies devised based on move group analysis and complexity identified using Gartner’s R-lane
  • Suggested competitively priced Cloud flavors for all servers and better Cloud flavor suggestions for highly utilized servers


Customer assessed their secure datacenter using SurPaaS® MaaS without any security breach and built a modern Cloud migration strategy focusing on infrastructure optimization. A better understanding of the servers in the datacenter enabled them to substantially reduce time and effort in planning the Cloud migration.

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