The partner used Corent's MaaS to help their customer in comparing the feasibility of their resources across multiple Clouds and identify a suitable Cloud migration plan for their datacenters.

Customer had 2 datacenters with 447 servers, a mix of both virtual (VMware) and physical servers, running on Windows Server. Servers were scanned using 2 Vanguards, one for each datacenter, to generate Cloud feasibility reports comparing the migration of servers to AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Energy Infrastructure Business

Assessment for AWS & Microsoft Azure Migration

A strategic partner of Corent in Cloud Assessment and Migration, is one of the leading companies in global technology services. Working with organizations around the world, the partner achieves business outcomes through intelligent technology solutions. It provides end-to-end managed services to help enterprises to achieve their digital transformation.

One of the partner’s customers, a leading Australian energy infrastructure business, that delivers smart, reliable, and safe solutions through its deep industry knowledge and interconnected infrastructure. The customer wanted to analyze their datacenters and develop a Cloud migration strategy that suits their business needs.


  • Datacenters must be assessed for identifying the feasibility of migrating them to two of the popular Cloud providers.
  • Datacenters must be assessed for Cloud migration without impacting the performance of live production environments running on them.
  • Dependency among servers running across 2 datacenters was required to identify the resources that were either related or part of application deployment and to plan for migrating them together.
  • Legacy Windows operating systems and workloads were running on the datacenters and a solution to migrate them to Cloud was needed.
The partner uses MaaS to deliver Cloud assessment & migration services to its customers. In this project as well, MaaS was used to analyze the Cloud migration feasibility of the customer’s datacenters.


  • Detailed analysis reports were generated for the datacenters, comparing the feasibility of migrating resources and corresponding cost that could be incurred on either Cloud.
  • Vanguards were used to assess servers without affecting production environments while complying with customer's security measures.
  • Dependency mapping of servers was identified based on the communication ports used by the servers.
  • End-of-Life (EOL) advisories were provided for suitable resources—enabling them to be migrated to the latest OS or workload versions.


  • Comparison across multiple Clouds.

  • Dependency mapping of servers.

  • EOL advisories for legacy resources.

  • Strategic migration planning using R-lane analysis.


Using MaaS, the partner was able to successfully analyze the customer's datacenters and generate Cloud assessment reports that provided deep insights about the feasibility of migrating the resources to different Cloud providers. This helped the customer in understanding their infrastructure better and finding a suitable Cloud migration strategy for their datacenters.