Partner used Corent’s MaaS for scanning and assessing the customer’s four datacenters for AWS Cloud migration feasibility and generated reports to help them develop a strategic Cloud migration plan.

Project Overview:

The customer’s environment had four data centers, comprising over 400 Windows and Linux servers. The complete environment was scanned and analyzed with four Vanguard servers using the Agentless Scanning method to generate Cloud feasibility reports.


  • Entire environment’s data was obtained using the Agentless Scanning method.

  • Extended scans were performed to get the detailed process information for rightsizing.

  • Recommendations and advisories on AWS Cloud service for better migration planning.

  • Move Group Analysis to chart out Strategic Migration Planning.

Financial Agency

Assessment for AWS Cloud Migration

The customer, a US-based financial sector giant and counted among the 'Big Three credit rating agencies’, approached one of Corent’s partners, seeking their expertise in carrying out a complete scan and assessment of its data centers as a precursor to Cloud migration.

Corent’s partner wanted to deliver Cloud assessment services to its customer through MaaS. The partner assessed the customer’s data centers using MaaS and generated detailed reports. The reports, explaining the Cloud migration feasibilities for the data centers and their servers, were shared with the customer.


  • Performing an Agentless scan on four data centers.
  • Collecting the data inventory of applications running at the data centers.
  • Determining the feasibility of migration to AWS Cloud.
  • Determining the cost, along with rightsizing for migration, and relevant advisories & recommendations.
  • Recognizing the application groups available in the infrastructure and advising on suitable migration strategies.


  • MaaS used Vanguard/bridge servers to carry out agentless scanning. Four different vanguards were used for each of the four data centers.
  • Data inventory like Processor Details and Service Information were collected for 30 days through extended scans to pinpoint the exact application dependencies and statistics.
  • MaaS Cloud Migration feasibility reports were generated for deeper insights on migration.
  • Best match and equivalence match, along with relevant advisories and recommendations, were provided for AWS Cloud migration.
  • Based on dependencies between servers, grouping of servers and migration can be planned.


The partner helped the customer to analyze their data centers and formulate their migration strategy to AWS Cloud.