Corent's partner assessed their customer's secure datacenters while complying with the security standards and assisted them in preparing a clear Microsoft Azure migration strategy for servers using MaaS.

Around 1080 servers were running on DMZ environment that included 3 secure datacenters across 3 customer locations in the UAE region. Servers were a combination of VMware, Hyper-V, and physical servers, running on Windows, Linux, and UNIX operating systems. 6 Vanguards were used for the assessment of servers for Microsoft Azure migration. EPM was performed for 2 weeks and the data was used to generate Cloud assessment reports for the Microsoft Azure migration of servers.

Global Investment Holding Company

Assessment for Microsoft Azure Migration

Corent's key partner in Cloud Assessment and Migration, offers innovative & customer-centric IT experiences through their innovation platforms & reusable assets that connect across multiple technologies to deliver tangible business value & experiences to stakeholders.

One of their customers is a global investment holding company that has an extensive portfolio of companies focused on investments, financial services, real estate, telecommunications, etc. They contacted our partner to strategize the Microsoft Azure migration of servers running on their 3 datacenters.


  • Access to servers on DMZ environment restricted via strict security policies.
  • Data must not be sent outside the customer region for Cloud assessment.
  • Dependency among servers running on the 3 customer datacenters should be identified for foolproof Cloud migration planning.
  • Server migration to be planned in a phased manner based on the criticality.
  • Multiple production environments were running on datacenters. Resource utilization of environments must be analyzed & optimized for performance.
MaaS, an integrated Cloud assessment & migration platform, was used by our partner to perform the Cloud assessment of datacenters and generate feasibility reports considering various operational & business factors.


  • MaaS Private Solution—designed for private environments—was deployed on customer environment for Cloud assessment. Corent Factory model with onsite support delivered an accelerated Cloud assessment.
  • Servers were assessed by providing access only to the Vanguards—that were deployed within the customer network.
  • MaaS Scanner identified the communication ports used by all the servers and developed a comprehensive dependency mapping.
  • MaaS analyzed the servers and identified their priority & complexity for Cloud migration using R-lane strategy.
  • EPM was performed by MaaS for all the servers to collect the utilization data and recommend suitable Cloud flavors for optimal performance.


  • Secure scanning of datacenters for Cloud assessment.
  • Cloud flavor recommendations for VM sizing.
  • Rapid assessment of multiple datacenters using multiple Vanguards.
  • Strategic migration planning using R-lane analysis.


Our partner assisted the customer in assessing the secure datacenters for Microsoft Azure migration using MaaS, without compromising on data security. The Cloud assessment reports generated by MaaS helped the customer in gaining valuable insights about the servers running on their datacenters and seamlessly strategize their Microsoft Azure migration.

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