The entire datacenter of the customer, an eGovernment entity, was assessed to identify application profiles and workload mobility for AWS Cloud migration within a few days using MaaS

Project Overview:

Customer's private datacenter had more than 100 servers (mix of Windows and Linux servers) running on VMware. To safeguard the data susceptible to breaches, MaaS used 2 Vanguard servers to securely scan and assess the environment.


  • Rapid assessment of entire infrastructure

  • Security risk elimination by adhering to suitable compliances

  • Move group strategic analysis report for better Cloud migration strategy planning

Assessment of Secure Government Datacenter for AWS Cloud Migration using MaaS

A system integration partner associated with Corent Technology wanted to securely assess the compatibility of workloads available in a datacenter of their customer, an eGovernment entity of a country in the Middle East, for migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.

Due to the sensitivity of data stored in datacenter, Corent used its most secure technique to adhere to the security measures of the customer and assessed the servers in datacenter within very minimal time. Upon completion of assessment, it also generated reports containing all the details about infrastructure for strategy migration planning.


  • Planning the Cloud migration strategy for a highly secure infrastructure
  • Analyzing the datacenter without affecting the security measures currently in place
  • Identifying suitable and cost-effective Cloud resources and advanced services such as PaaS
  • Evaluating the datacenter using traditional assessment method in a short time period


  • Swift and complete datacenter assessment using well-defined MaaS mechanism
  • Extended performance monitoring for identifying best VM flavors and cloud resources
  • Maintaining the security of the infrastructure using private solution/Vanguard
  • Workloads consolidation for quickly viewing the resources in datacenter
  • Advisories and assistance in planning AWS Cloud migration strategy through move group strategic analysis report


Customer was able to clearly plan the migration strategy for AWS Cloud with the information and advisories detailed in the MaaS generated reports.

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