Project Overview:

The customer's datacenter comprised 150+ Windows and Linux servers. The partner performed an agentless scan using one Vanguard to trace the most suitable migration path.

All-Round Benefits:

  • Agentless scan ensures high-end data security.

  • Move group analysis to cluster apps for seamless migration.

  • Offering cost modeling and TCO reports

  • Extended scan to reveal the utilization data.

  • Group servers based on incisive dependency mapping.

Healthcare Sector

Assessment for Cloud Migration

As a leading provider of healthcare services in Brazil, the customer offers several specialized care packages. It offers sophisticated care, including robotic surgery, endometriosis, immunization center, ICU, transplant unit, Eldorado unit, blood bank, etc. Amid a sharp uptick in footfall, the customer sought to migrate to the Cloud. It approached one of Corent’s partners and solicited their advice to chart its migration plan.

Corent’s partner used MaaS to assess the customer’s Cloud preparedness. The partner scanned and assessed the customer’s datacenter using MaaS and generated detailed reports on migration feasibilities. The shared reports helped the customer chart their migration plan.


  • Scanning mixed OS locale servers.
  • Scan the shared IP addresses without using an agent.
  • Identifying inter-server communications and undertaking dependency mapping.
  • Determining Cloud feasibility while performing cost modeling.
  • Deciphering the server utilization data based on extended scan results.
  • Carrying out move group analysis to better plan the nitty-gritty of migration.


  • MaaS used Gen2 scanner for scanning mixed locale OS using agentless approach.
  • The partner used MaaS' agentless scan approach to scan the shared IP addresses to derive insightful information about the servers.
  • The partner identified the inter-server dependencies based on the information about communication ports, process, and ID retrieved by MaaS.
  • MaaS offered precise TCO across CSPs, which helped the customer draft a comprehensive migration strategy.
  • Based on the extended scan results, utilization data of CPU, Memory, and network were captured to draw equivalence match for rightsizing.
  • MaaS pinpointed the exact dependencies between servers through its Strategic Analysis Report.


The partner used MaaS to help the customer analyze their datacenter and formulate an optimum migration strategy.

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