Project Overview:

The customer had over 2,000 servers in three datacenters spread across different geolocations. Using Corent MaaS(Migration as a Service) partner carried out a detailed assessment of the environment to generate incisive and insightful reports that charted the course for the customer's migration to AzureStack.

All-Round Benefits:

  • Zero-point synchronization with no downtime

  • Complete security assured as all data are encrypted

  • Optimal workload provisioning

  • Dependency mapping as a precursor to grouping

  • Comprehensive data on TCO

IT Industry - Migration to Azure Stack

The France-based customer is a network operator and a digital services integrator, offering end-to-end services. As an expert in all stages of digital transformation, they offer their clients the most appropriate solutions. They approached one of Corent’s partners, seeking their expertise to migrate to Azure Stack.

Corent’s partner used MaaS to deliver Cloud assessment and migration services to its customer. The partner scanned and assessed the customer’s datacenter using MaaS and generated detailed reports. The reports were shared with the customer, who chose to migrate with the solutions offered by Corent’s partner.


  • Managing the analysis and migration of the complex datacenters spread over different geolocations.
  • Analyzing the servers against existing Azure Stack configurations to identify suitable flavors and assessing their compatibility without compromising security.
  • Migrating legacy servers while refactoring their adaptability.
  • Reducing the number of prerequisites and determining cost modeling for migration.
  • Ensuring optimized workload provisioning.


  • MaaS scanned and assessed the datacenters to offer a deep understanding of deployable workloads with advisories for optimal placement into the right-sized Azure Stack environment.
  • MaaS modeled the Azure Stack with the knowledge base required to start secure assessment and migration planning.
  • MaaS quickly identified EOL workloads with its AI powered engine. Issued an R-lane refactoring advisory to finetune workloads’ Cloud adaptability.
  • MaaS’ insightful procedures cut through the clutter to reduce the number of prerequisites. Also, MaaS offered accurate TCO for all proposed deployment models.
  • MaaS offered a highly configurable automated provisioning solution to scale migration with near zero downtime, without any data loss.


By using MaaS, the partner helped the customer to analyze their datacenters and seamlessly migrate to Azure Stack.

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