Corent’s Partner, Innominds, successfully assessed a customer’s environment and enabled them to make an informed decision and strategize their Cloud Migration using MaaS

Project Overview:

Customer’s environment had 15 servers, comprising both application and database servers, running on hypervisor with Windows Server 2012 R2 operating system. The complete environment was scanned and analyzed using Agentless Scanning method to generate Cloud feasibility reports


  • Strategic decision making

  • Leveraging Cloud capability to the fullest

  • Offline assessment of servers

  • Advisories to re-platform suitable workloads

Assessment of On-premises Applications using MaaS for Cloud Migration

Innominds is a dedicated product incubator for technology-focused clients seeking help with Design, Technology, and Engineering across all stages of their product life cycle. They are one of the leading software outsourcing companies in India and offer outsourced software product engineering and product development services to their customers. One of their customers wanted to check the Cloud feasibility of their on-premises servers and plan its migration to a suitable Cloud along with the applications.

Innominds joined hands with Corent, who is a leader in the Cloud Migration space, to provide comprehensive Cloud migration solutions for their customers. Innominds’ customer wanted to analyze their source environment and identify viability ratings for servers in the environment against each Cloud so that they can pick an appropriate Cloud for migration which matches their business needs.


  • Identifying the suitable Cloud for the source environment
  • Scanning and assessing the source environment without any business impact or interruption
  • Discovering the dependencies to be considered for Cloud migration
  • Knowing the modernization options available on Cloud for the source environment


  • Generated comprehensive Cloud feasibility reports for the applications covering multiple Clouds
  • Forecasted operations cost across various Clouds and regions for all Cloud resources including PaaS
  • Created server communication/dependency mapping for the source environment using Strategic Move Group analysis
  • Server sizing and refinement based on performance trend analysis
  • Suggested suitable PaaS services for identified workloads


Innominds consolidated their customers' trust by successfully completing the Cloud feasibility assessment of Windows hypervisor environment and showcasing their ability to assess any environment for Cloud migration. As a result, Innominds established itself as one of the most versatile Cloud solutions providers with the help of Corent’s easy-to-use and automated mechanism for Cloud assessment and migration.

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