Infrastructure which uses sensitive user information was assessed securely for AWS Migration using MaaS

Project Overview:

Customer’s environment had more than 600 servers with a mix of both Windows and Linux operating systems. The servers were running on a VMware environment. MaaS used multiple Vanguard servers to assess the environment for AWS migration based on the locations and subnets. The environment was analyzed using Shadow analysis.


  • Smart OS advisories for servers with end-of-life OS

  • Data security while at rest and in transit

  • Assessment completed within a very short period

  • Risk reduction with TCO projection

  • Leveraging Cloud capability to the fullest

Assessment of a Complex and Secure Infrastructure for AWS Migration using MaaS

One of the Corent’s partners is a Global IT leader and offers innovative, customer-centric IT services to various industry verticals and horizons. Their US-based customer, a premier provider of innovative insurance solutions, wanted to assess and identify a suitable migration strategy for their infrastructure, which handles sensitive user data, to AWS Cloud.

The solution designed by Corent using MaaS was very apt for the partner to assess their customer’s infrastructure for AWS Cloud migration readiness. It did not affect the data security of the infrastructure, but still able to assess the servers for AWS migration in a reliable manner.


  • Identifying and mapping a large number of servers with applications
  • Assessing Cloud compatibility of application’s workload components
  • Assessing the datacenters for migration compatibility without affecting the security standards
  • Choosing the correct AWS Cloud flavors and suitable migration methodologies for the servers
  • Identifying the dependency map between servers/workload components


  • Identification of workloads and its mapping for better migration strategy planning
  • Estimation of the total cost of ownership for setting Cloud migration strategy through detailed scan and assessment of application
  • Right-sized Cloud flavors were suggested based on performance/utilization data of the servers
  • Provided advanced optimization recommendations in the form of PaaS advisories which can be implemented during migration


Corent’s partner assessed their customer’s secure infrastructure for AWS migration using MaaS, without compromising on data security while adhering to the unique business requirements. It enabled them to build a feasible AWS migration strategy for the customer which does not impact their daily business.

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