MaaS assessed the JTrac application for a hybrid modernization of its workloads to AKS & Azure DBaaS services and migrated effortlessly to Microsoft Azure in a short span of time.

Architecture Diagram:

This application was developed using Java platform with 2-tier architecture and hosted on Apache Tomcat web server with MySQL as database server.

Issue Tracking System

Modernization to Azure Kubernetes Service & Azure DBaaS

JTrac is an open-source and highly customizable issue-tracking web-application that provides customizable workflow, field-level permissions, e-mail integration, file attachments, detailed history view, and more. These capabilities convinced Corent to select JTrac for a hybrid modernization to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) & Azure DBaaS.


  • Need to define a modernization topology that is suitable for Container & PaaS services.
  • Identifying workload components of the application and its dependent resources that can be migrated to Azure Kubernetes Service & Azure DBaaS.
  • Need to find Container & PaaS options available on Microsoft Azure for the application workloads.
  • Need to perform a hybrid migration of JTrac to AKS & Azure DBaaS on Microsoft Azure.
  • Need to ensure that different Cloud services are configured as required by the application for proper functioning.
Under Corent's OpenSaaS Initiative, several open-source applications were converted into SaaS. Few applications were selected for modernization migration to Microsoft Azure with AKS & Azure DBaaS and JTrac was the first to be selected for this hybrid migration to Container & PaaS services.


  • MaaS scanned the application workloads and identified the easiest route to containerize and modernize the application on Microsoft Azure.
  • MaaS Scanner identified the application's workload components and its associated resources through SurPaaS® Deep Scan.
  • MaaS analyzed the application workloads and generated advisories listing appropriate AKS & Azure DBaaS services available.
  • MaaS effortlessly migrated the application server to AKS and database server to Azure DBaaS without any data loss.
  • Using MaaS, configurations required for integrating Container & PaaS services and making JTrac operational were performed automatically.


  • Re-architecting to modern Cloud PaaS and Serverless technologies.

  • Workload containerization adhering to Docker container standards.

  • Hybrid Cloud deployment model with Container & PaaS.

  • Automated container configuration on Microsoft Azure.


JTrac was analyzed by MaaS for hybrid modernization migration and suitable Microsoft Azure resources were identified. MaaS seamlessly migrated the application in double quick time to AKS & Azure DBaaS on Microsoft Azure. This hybrid modernization of JTrac enabled Microsoft Azure customers to access a less expensive issue tracking system.