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LTI assessed customer's datacenter and helped them in planning for their Microsoft Azure migration strategically using MaaS in a few days.

Customer's datacenter had 27 virtual servers, running on Windows Server, in the VMware environment. The datacenter was scanned and assessed for Microsoft Azure migration feasibility.

Printing and Packaging Company in Western Europe

Assessment for Microsoft Azure Migration

Larsen & Toubro Infotech (LTI), one of the key partners of Corent in Cloud Assessment and Migration, is a global technology consulting and digital solutions company helping more than 420 clients succeed in a converging world. LTI's unique heritage gives them unrivaled real-world expertise to solve the most complex challenges of enterprises across all industries.

One of LTI's customers, a leading Printing and Packaging company in Western Europe, aims to offer complex services to its clients and fulfill demanding market requirements on quality and professional engagement. The customer contacted LTI for planning their migration from datacenter to Microsoft Azure.


  • Assessing the datacenters for migration compatibility without affecting the security standards (GDPR).
  • Need relevant knowledge/resources to assess the datacenters and identify the information about available IT assets and workload components.
  • Choosing the suitable Azure Cloud flavors and migration methodologies for the servers.
  • Identifying the dependency map between servers/workload components.
  • Few servers had end-of-life operating systems and workloads versions.

LTI used MaaS—the next-gen Cloud assessment and migration platform to assess the customer's datacenter for the migration of their servers to Microsoft Azure, as they did for many of their projects.


  • Vanguard was used to assess servers without affecting the production environment's performance while complying with its security measures.
  • Estimation of the total cost of ownership for arriving at a suitable Cloud migration strategy through a detailed scan and assessment of application.
  • Rightsized Cloud flavors and advanced optimization recommendations (e.g., PaaS) were suggested based on the performance/utilization data of servers.
  • Created the dependency mapping for servers by tracing the transactions/connections between different workload components/servers.
  • EOL advisories were provided for necessary Windows servers, databases, and app servers—enabling them to migrate to latest OS/workload versions.


  • Data security while at rest and in transit.
  • Rapid Cloud assessment of datacenter.
  • Generation of IT assets/workloads inventory and its dependency mapping.
  • Risk reduction with TCO projection.
  • Smart OS advisories for servers with end-of-life OS.


LTI helped the customer to analyze their datacenter and generate easy-to-understand Cloud feasibility reports using MaaS, and that provided insights about the Cloud readiness of servers and workload components. The customer benefitted from this solution and developed a strategic plan for migrating their servers from on-premises to Microsoft Azure.

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