• No engineering cost to move to fully instrumented SaaS.

  • Rapid prototype and trials for internal customers.

  • Integrated with internal customer-specific systems.

  • Migration to scalable Cloud-based platform.

  • Single-point management for all enterprise tenants.

SaaS-enabling Logistics Application of Samsung

Rapidly transformed one of the world’s most sophisticated logistics Software Solutions to a fully instrumented SaaS.

Corent worked with Samsung to SaaS-enable their Supply Chain and Freight Management application. To make this application highly accessible and much more efficient to their thousands of entities across the Globe, our customer decided to deliver this application as a Private SaaS on their preferred Cloud. Corent's SaaSOps was the perfect solution to address this challenge and seamlessly Cloudified and SaaS-enabled the application in both Private and Public Clouds.


  • On-premises Global Supply Chain and Logistics software.
  • Required installation and configuration on the customer's on-premises servers.
  • Longer lead times to install the software and to get it up and running.
  • Provisioning for thousands of divisions, suppliers, and dealers.
  • To be deployed globally serving multiple regions.


With SaaSOps, customer was able to add numerous advantages to their application.
  • Scalable SaaS on customer’s choice of Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Integration with existing logistic modules.
  • Serves both internal / external customers.
  • Instant provisioning for external partners and resellers.
  • All enterprise customers are now managed as SaaS tenants.