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"We are pleased to team up with Corent and value their support of this global initiative. Corent provides the ability to efficiently deliver Mifos X as SaaS, enabling our partners around the world to offer our platform in a much more cost-effective manner, and opening up new opportunities for our customers."

Ed Cable, President & CEO,
Mifos Initiative

Delivered an Open-Source Financial Engine as SaaS

Mifos project is a part of Corent’s broader OpenSaaS Initiative that is opening new possibilities for enterprise-oriented open-source applications by enabling them to be delivered as SaaS on Cloud. The OpenSaaS Initiative mission is to bring the benefits of the SaaS model to the open-source community at large.

Mifos is a 501(c)3 non-profit initiative and a FinTech pioneer guiding the community developing the Mifos X and Apache Fineract platform for financial inclusion. It is an open-source financial service engine providing a Cloud-based API-driven architecture for scaling digital financial services to the world’s 3 billion poor and unbanked.


  • Mifos is a multitenant application with a documented tenant provisioning process that should be executed with manual intervention.
  • To transform into a SaaS system, Mifos should have new ways for monitoring the health of SaaS system, billing tenants based on usage, and making strategic business decisions.


  • SaaSOps automated the provisioning capability of the application and enabled the tenants to self-provision an application account themselves.
  • SaaSOps provided the capability to add custom streams for monitoring infrastructure components of the application with alerts configured for defined threshold limits.
  • Usage of application features was monitored at a per-tenant level using SaaSOps. It is used to analyze customer behaviors and in turn derive business insights.
  • SaaSOps enabled usage-based billing by aggregating and metering the consumption of application features by individual tenants.


Corent’s SaaSOps platform provides Mifos with the operations, optimization, and commercial capabilities to deliver the Mifos X application as an efficient, scalable SaaS offering. Utilizing the new SaaS-enabled Mifos X, partners now easily and efficiently can go to market addressing additional segments and customers.

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